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Interpersonal Groups & Workshops for Students

Group therapy is an effective therapy modality in which students share their experiences in a safe environment with counselors serving as facilitators. Students can learn from each other, practice communication skills, and give/receive support. There isn't a particular concern that is addressed, but rather everyone is able to share their personal experiences with the group.

Therapy Groups meet weekly the same date and time for 10 each semester. 

Spring 2016 Group Therapy Schedule

Tuesdays       12:30-2 PM       |  Facilitators: Jenny Hlava & Jordan Gillbertson
Wednesdays   1-2:30 PM        |  Facilitators: Roberta Holman & McKenzie Erickson
Wednesdays  4 -5:30 PM        |  Facilitators: Luke Fedie & Wendy Brousseau
Thursdays       2-3:30 PM        |  Facilitators: Dr. Rosie O'Brien & Ashley Walton

Location:  Counseling Services Old Library 2122 Group Room

Attacking Anxiety and Depression Group

October 27 - December 8  (Thursdays)
Thursdays 3:30-4:30 PM  |   Facilitator: Luke Fedie
Location:  Counseling Services Old Library 2122 Group Room

Fall 2016 Workshops

Adjustment to College
Thursdays | 3
- 4:00PM
Beginning September 8, 2016
Hibbard Hall - Penthouse

Alternating Facilitators:  Luke Fedie, Wendy Brousseau, Roberta Holman, Jenny Hlava, Dr. Rosie O'Brien

Mindfulness Meditation
Tuesdays  |  3:30 - 4:30PM
October 4  /  October 11
Counseling Services Group Room - Old Library 2122
Facilitator:  Dr. Rosie O'Brien

Weekly Meditation Schedule
Mondays  & Thursdays   |   8:15 - 8:45 am     
Location:  Counseling Services Group Room - Old Library 2122

Students are encouraged to stop by the office at Old Library 2122, or give us a call 715-836-5521, for more information. Pre-registration isn'trequired for the workshops.