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Employee Appreciation Committee

Responsible for gathering nominations and or making recommendations to the Classified Staff Council for recipients of the various Employee Appreciation Program awards.

Excellence in Performance Committee

Reviews the nominations that are submitted for this award and makes recommendations to the chancellor.

Funding Committee

Responsible for decisions regarding applications submitted for funding from the Classified Staff Professional Development Fund, the Grant Fund to Assist Classified Staff and the Classified Staff Scholarship Fund.

Nominating Committee

Gathers and presents nominations for membership on the Classified Staff Council and all committees.

Professional Development Committee

In conjunction with the Classified Staff Council, is responsible for planning and execution of classified staff professional development activities. The committee is also responsible for publicity and promotion of such events.

Communications Committee

Responsible for development, maintenance and updating of the Classified Staff website. The committee is also responsible for communication with the classified staff and the university community as a whole as deemed necessary, and for soliciting feedback from classified staff when warranted.

Personnel Committee

Participate in the development and oversight of various policies, procedures and approaches to personnel issues relating to the Classified Staff.  Provide recommendations from the committee to the Classified Staff Council.

Grievance Committee

Responsible for local implementation of the grievance procedures outlined by UW System.

Compensation Committee

Responsible for the development and oversight of various policies, procedures and approaches to compensation issues relating to the Classified Staff. The committee develops a Comprehensive Classified Staff Pay Plan for each fiscal year in which a pay plan is to be implemented by UW System.