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Employee Appreciation

Classified Staff Employee Appreciation Award nomination buttonKnow of someone on campus doing a great job? Nominate any classified staff for the Employee Appreciation Award. The button to the right links to a short and easy to complete form. You may remain anonymous if you so choose.

The pool of nominees will be compiled and recognized monthly. All nominees will receive a certificate (signed by the Provost) and pin recognizing their nomination. Of the monthly pool of nominees, a random drawing will be held to award a "Token of Appreciation" to one employee. The winner can choose from a selection of prizes valued around $25. On-campus sponsors include Sodexo, University Bookstore, University Recreation and Sports Facilities, Service Center, and Alumni Association.

Nominations will remain in the pool for six months from the month of their nomination to give all nominees an equal amount of time to win a "Token of Appreciation." At the Service Recognition Banquet in May, all nominated employees will receive recognition.

February 2015 Employee Appreciation Award Winner Announced

Brad Patton, Learning & Technology Services, was selected by random drawing to receive the Employee Appreciation Award for February 2015. He was nominated in February 2015 by Jessica Barnier, who says, "Brad started working with me on a project to change our whole process for orientation in my department and put it on SharePoint. This was a project that was started before he started working with me, but I have been impressed with his customer service. He has been responsive to my questions and has been able to follow-up with me on questions and issues that occurred during the project. Overall, with Brad's support for the project, we have successfully implemented the site. I started to realize some other orientation shortfalls that we had when the site was launched because people continued to mention how a library or feature had actually solved other problems. I really appreciate the time that Brad gave me with this project, as well as him willingness to try new ideas and make it work for our area. I wanted to thank Brad for all of his support!"

Nominees for the Employee Appreciation Award in February 2015 include Brad Patton, Learning & Technology Services.

January 2015 Employee Appreciation Award Winner Announced

Becky Drout, Records & Registration, was selected by random drawing to receive the Employee Appreciation Award for January 2015. She was nominated in December 2014 by Nancy Amdahl, who says, "Becky's accomplishment and thankful for her time and talents! Undergraduate students have always been able to request an automated degree audit to help them understand their remaining graduation requirements. Until now, graduate students have been required to manually submit a paper copy of a proposed degree plan. Becky has recently programmed all of the program and University requirements for each graduate degree. In the near future, the graduate students will also have the luxury of printing an automated degree audit and know exactly where they stand. This was a complex project to tackle, but Becky was determined to figure it out and she did! If all goes as planned, we hope to go "live" with the graduate degree audit this spring. A special and sincere THANK YOU to Becky, and thanks to Tessa and the rest of the office for their support of this project as well. Thank you!"

Nominees for the Employee Appreciation Award in January 2015 include Jane Becker, Academic Affairs.

December 2014 Employee Appreciation Award Winner Announced

Barbara Hanson, Human Resources, was selected by random drawing to receive the Employee Appreciation Award for December 2014. She was nominated in October by Wanda Schulner who says, "Barb Hanson is one of the hardest working people on campus. She shepherds the recruitment, hiring, and reappointment processes for unclassified staff. She was the impetus, the consultant, and the administrator for all e-forms related to those processes. Just about every action pertaining to unclassified staff goes through her. Because of that and because she knows so much about all local,system and state rules and regulations, when something goes wrong, Barb is the go-to person. She is courteous and diplomatic and usually takes the blame even when the obstacle had nothing to do with her. She strives diligently to improve the processes but still takes many of the electronic actions home over weekends to finish out the lengthy completion task. Life on campus would be very difficult without Barb's presence and work ethic."

Nominees for the Employee Appreciation Award in December 2014 include Becky Drout, Records & Registration and Shelley Mather, Nursing.

November 2014 Employee Appreciation Award Winner Announced

Laura Manydeeds, Human Resources, was selected by random drawing to receive the Employee Appreciation Award for November 2014. She was nominated in November 2014 by Shelley Mather who says, "I would like to nominate Laura Manydeeds for an employee appreciation award. Laura works tirelessly to make our work environment a joyous place and I am grateful to her for that. The employee wellness letter came out today and I realized how much I enjoy reading the entire thing. I especially love to learn how people make changes in their lives, both large and small, to improve the quality of their lives. I am inspired by this and I can feel Laura's passion for wellness in every word. Her excellent work ethic is reflected in the newsletter, the employee health fair, biometric screening events, employee orientation and everything she is involved in. I am happy to say Thank you to a wonderful person."