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Classified Staff Council

All Classified Staff Council meetings are open to the public and are held the second Tuesday of every month at 12:30 p.m. Meeting time and location is subject to change. Please contact the Classified Staff Council for more information.


(Adapted with permission from electronic communication by Donna Weber)

Chancellor Levin-Stankevich asked Donna Weber, director of Human Resources, to lead our classified staff, limited-term employees and academic staff in identifying perceptions of, and actual inequities across campus employee groups. Ms. Weber was honored and pleased to lead this “Gold Arrow Project Charter,” which is the first of its kind on this campus, and a direct result of the Strategic Planning efforts.

One of the first tasks was to establish a Classified Staff Council (CSC) that would be willing to work with Ms. Weber in supporting the effort and providing a voice for all classified staff and limited-term employees to provide important and valuable input to the UW-Eau Claire administration. This council will bring forth recommendations, ideas for professional development, etc. The previous classified committees (scholarship committees, professional development committee, etc.) are folded into this larger council.


The CSC works with campus leadership to offer an effective partnership with colleagues from all campus employee groups in support of the university's mission. The CSC serves on behalf of all classified staff (represented and non-represented, limited-term and project appointment employees). The CSC coordinates and promotes professional development opportunities through education, training and communication.

BYLAWS (pdf)


> Advise administration on university issues.
> Communicate with administrators and other university constituencies.
> Promote professional development.
> Promote participation of classified staff in university decision-making.
> Evaluate and recommend modifications to existing and proposed university policies
   and procedures affecting classified staff.
> Provide information on scholarship opportunities, grant availability and funding sources.
> Maintain a comprehensive website of classified staff information/opportunities/resources.
> Provide communication platforms for all classified staff.
> Promote inclusion of classified staff on search committees and other university committees.


> Exploring options for professional development.
> Planning and preparing for a professional development day(s) for ALL Employees
   to be held in August (between summer session and the onset of the academic year).
> Finding new ways to reward employees for excellence in service.
> Providing a collective voice for the administration.
> Enhancing new employee orientations.
> Encouraging the administration to have classified representation on more administrative
   search committees.
> Providing LTEs a living wage.