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School Age Summer Programming

SUMMER ADVENTURES: a great balance of fun and education

School age adventures are ready and waiting for that glimpse of summer. The Children's Nature Academy, located at The Priory, is the ideal setting for exploration and discovery. Our school-aged children embrace our surroundings as they create their own community of friendships and experiences.

This year the Children's Nature Academy will blend the best of summer nature camps with the "just plain fun" of having a break in the beautiful surroundings of the 112-acre property. During the morning hours, our nature focus will take us on adventures in learning through creativity and project learning surrounding new topics each week.

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Our summer programming is available for children entering grades one through five, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
The curriculum includes:

  • Nature-inspired learning
  • Creative fun
  • The Bluebird Project
  • AlphaBEST Character Education Curriculum: Theme Lessons and Literature for K-5

Week of June 6 + June 13 | How to grow a naturalist + getting to know the Children's Nature Academy
The first two weeks of the summer will focus on the many exciting things that we have to offer at the UWEC Children's Nature Academy;rolling hills, hiking trails, bluebirds, and more.The children will make friendship and share a summer of fun and activity.

Week of June 20 | Wonderful Weeks
From dandelions to creeping Charlie;one person's flower can be another person's invasive species.Learn about weeds from an environmental standpoint while appreciating the many things that we have learned to appreciate about them as well.

Week of June 27 | Incredible Insects + Beautiful Bugs
Compound eyes, six legs and eek!Insects at the CNA are far from the scary creatures they are often perceived to be.Students will see what makes insects and bugs incredible!

Week of July 5 (closed July 4) | It's Raining, It's Pouring
It's Raining, It's Pouring looks at rain from the standpoint of the environment and the standpoint of "just plain fun."If it rains, just bring an umbrella, a few puddles won't stop us.

Week of July 11 | Fabulous Frogs, Toads + Other Amphibians
Wisconsin is home to 12 frog species and 1 toad species.Join us as we learn to identify them by sound and sight.We'll keep "hoppin" as we explore the world of these cold blooded critters.

Week of July 18 | You Rock!
We'll be "rock stars" and "geologists" this week while learning about the importance that rocks have made throughout history.Do you know the difference between a mineral, a rock and a gem?It's time to find out the real facts while "rockin" out with your friends.

Week of July 25 | Bumbling Bees
Big B, Little B, Buzzing Bumbling Bees.Bringing beautiful music to the best bunch in the bramble.Be the keeper of "bee facts" as we learn all about this amazing insect.

Week of August 1 | Terriffic Twigs, Trees + Termites
What do twigs and trees have in common?Hopefully not termites.We will look a trees from the standpoint of "building" and "woodworking".Building a fort in the woods is always an activity to look forward to.

Week of August 8 | Cool, Calm + Collections
Bugs, rocks and trading cards can all be part of the experience of collecting.Why not create your childhood history by making your collection purposeful for a lifetime of fun.

Week of August 15 (closed August 19) | Your Big Backyard
What you find in your backyard?This week we become detectives as we explore something as simple as the "backyard".The adventure may surprise you!

Week of August 22 + 29 | Unplugged: Sustaining Nature Connections
The last two weeks of the summer will be reserved for sustaining relationships and reinforcing the great habits that we created at the Children's Nature Academy.Goodbye to summer and hello to a great year of learning ahead.

BILINGUAL BEGINNINGS:Summer Language Immersion Camps

The university, in collaboration with the Children's Nature Academy (CNA), is offering two-week language immersion camps in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. If your child is a resident in the ECASD the district will pay the tuition for each camp ($235) your child attends, with the exception of a $10 materials fee per camp. Registration deadline for Bilingual Beginnings is June 1st for Sessions 1 and 2; July 1st for Sessions 3 and 4. 

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SESSION 1, June 20-July 1st
    8:15am-12:00pm    Spanish Grades 1/2          THIS SESSION FULL
                                   German Grades 3/4          Game night: Playing a Game
    12:30pm-4:15pm    Spanish Grades 3/4          THIS SESSION FULL
                                   French Grades 1/2            THIS SESSION FULL

SESSION 2, July 11-22nd
    8:15am-12:00pm    Spanish Grades 1/2          THIS SESSION FULL
                                   German Grades 1/2          All About Me
    12:30pm-4:15pm    Spanish Grades 3/4          When I Grow Up
                                   French Grades 3/4            When I Grow Up

SESSION 3, July 25-Aug. 5th 
     8:15am-12:00pm   Spanish Grades 3/4          THIS SESSION FULL
                                   Japanese Grades 1/2        Nature and the Five Senses
     12:30pm-4:15pm   Spanish Grades 1/2          THIS SESSION FULL
                                   Chinese Grades 3/4          Out in Space

SESSION 4, Aug. 8-19th
     8:15am-12:00pm   Spanish Grades 3/4          THIS SESSION FULL
                                   Japanese Grades 3/4        Solving a Mystery: Family
     12:30pm-4:15pm   Spanish Grades 1/2          THIS SESSION FULL
                                   Chinese Grades 1/2          At the Farm