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Vision, Values & Goals

Our Vision

All young children in our community will have access to a quality early learning experience.

Our Values

For a collaborative early learning system to operate successfully...
  • The design and delivery of programming may vary to meet community needs, but must have uniformly adequate and equitable funding to assure quality of services for all children and families.
  • It must enhance and extend existing early education and care, including child care, Head Start, public & private schools, and community services.
  • It must offer comprehensive services that include family support and education, resources and referral, and ongoing assessment.
  • Families must have the opportunity to choose among various program options.
  • It must include a professional development system based on a comprehensive, coordinated framework of pre–service and continution education opportunities for professionals in all early childhood settings.
  • It must ensure access to all children, including those with special needs.
  • It must reflect and honor the diversity within children, families, and the community.
  • It must support consistent education and care, while minimizing transitions for children.

Goal 1: Eau Claire 4 Tomorrow Program

This goal would focus on the implementation of a voluntray four–year–old preschool program in the Eau Claire community. The purpose of a voluntary four–year–old preschool program is to provide every child and family in our community access to a blended comprehensive system of high quality early childhood education and care. The program will focus on early literacy; language experience, social competence, and self–confidence in an environment that helps children grow as individuals. Active, exploratory learning is encouraged and supported by a team of early childhood professionals.

We are having an Informational Meeting regarding 4K for the 2014-15 school year.  Please see this brochure for the details.