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Welcome to the Parent Handbook! The Children's Nature Academy staff members hope that this handbook answers most of your questions and/or concerns about our day-to-day operations.

Please read this handbook carefully and thoroughly. You are responsible for understanding the contents. Please fill out and return the Parents' Handbook Form, located below, to indicate your understanding of the handbook. Contact one of the administrative staff at the academy if you have any questions. We are currently updating the handbook and will have it available as soon as possible. 

Parents' Handbook Form

Over the years we have noticed a pattern in the questions or concerns that families raise. As a result, we want to direct your attention to the following information, policies, and procedures in this handbook. Very important information is either printed in bold or underlined so that you can pay close attention to it. We enjoy working with you as partners in your child's care, and we hope that your understanding of the following areas will improve your child's and your experience at the Children's Nature Academy.



Please complete the form below, print it, sign it, and return it to the Children's Nature Academy. All fields are required! Or, print out the handbook form (pdf) and then complete it.

Child's Name:

Parent/Guardian's Name:

Parent/Guardian's Email Address:

Parent/Guardian's Phone Number:

Information on preschool programs, class groupings and the changes that may happen during interims, page 8.

Policies regarding registration for School Age children, School-Out Days and Summer, page 9.

Policies regarding child care contracts, vacations, changes and cancellations, pages 11-13.

Required paperwork (forms to be completed prior to the first day of attendance) prior to the first day of attendance, page 12.

Information regarding attendance, drop off and pick up policies, pages 13-14.

Information regarding the hours of operation and holidays, page 12.

Information regarding fees, late pick-up fees, and outstanding balances, pages 12-14.

Information regarding parking, page 14.

Policies regarding food and nutrition, especially on days when sack lunches are needed, page 15.

Policies regarding children's allergies, health concerns and emergency procedures listed on page 15-16.

Policies regarding the security system and the need for Blugold/community cards along with possible associated fees, page 17.

Policies and procedures for each child's appropriate dress, hand washing on arrival, outdoor activities, items to bring from home, extra clothing, rest time, and toys, pages 18-19.

Parent/teacher communication, page 20.

Health care policies, pages 21.

Policies and procedures regarding Field Trips, page 22.

Procedures regarding concerns, grievances and discharges, pages 10-12.

Signature: _____________________________________________________

Date: ________________________________

By completing this form, you acknowledge your understanding of the information and policies listed above in the UW-Eau Claire Children's Center's Handbook.