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Parent Expectations

There are many things that we, the Children's Nature Academy staff, are responsible for doing for your child and your family.  We try very hard to fulfill your expectations, because we take them very seriously.  We teach the children to share and work together as a team.  Likewise, we feel strongly about the importance of sharing responsibility and working with you as a team in the best interest of your child.  Below we have listed expectations for all parents at the Children's Nature Academy.  Please read through these and keep the sheet as a guideline/reference tool throughout your child's enrollment at our center.       

Wash hands and go to the bathroom with your child before you drop them off.  We have seen a decrease in illnesses due to this important step. Read daily sheets, newsletters, lesson plans and emails.  Ask questions if you have any.

3.     Bring all items needed for your child:

-diapers, wipes
-2 sets of extra clothes (including socks, underwear)
-snow pants, boots, hat, mittens

4.     Inquire about your child's day.  Things run smoother and more positively when the lines of communication are wide open.

5.     Communicate to the teachers any goals you have for your child.

6.     Communicate to the teachers any concerns you may have regarding your child.

7.     Respect OUR expectations and school rules.

8.     Turn in paperwork/any needed updates in a timely manner.

9.     Check folders/cubbies/lockers – this helps in obtaining information that is important for you to know.

10.  Bring projects and other things hanging on lockers/in cubbies home with you.

11.  Dress your child appropriately: to play, paint and explore - understand and expect that your child will get dirty- this is a sign that they are having fun!  Normal wear and tear does and will happen.


13.  Greet and say "good-bye" to staff, or at least make eye contact.  This helps to provide some closure for your child as well as makes staff aware that a child has left for the day.

14.  Be aware that, if your child is here, he/she does need to participate in ALL activities (we go outside, even if it's for a short period of time, if the temp. is above 0 degrees with the wind chill….above 20 degrees for the Infant/Toddlers.)

15.  Parent-Teacher Conferences are important.  Please plan to attend if your schedule allows.

16.  Inform your child's teacher of any family changes.

17.  Walking shoes (with covered toes) are needed for our hikes/safe playground play.

18.  Call if your child will not be attending that day; if parents are not living together, communicate between the two of you. It is not our responsibility to pass along that information.

19.  Age appropriate reinforcement of skills – encourage your child to use his/her self-help skills. Ask your child's teacher if you are not sure what is developmentally appropriate for him/her.

20.  A blanket, pillow (not for infants), stuffed animal may be brought from home and used for nap time (they will be kept in lockers/cubbies/cot at all other times)

21.  Toys from home (except for Show & Tell) should be left at home or kept in your vehicle.  This reduces having a disappointed child because of a lost toy.

22.  If you want your child to eat our meals, they need to arrive at our scheduled meal times.  

23.  If you are picking up your child during nap, be respectful about entering the class.  It's helpful if everyone is encouraged to be quiet, so as to not disrupt those who are resting.    

24.  Appropriate language must be used in the classroom/building (no swearing, yelling, etc.)

25.  Please be respectful of pick up and drop off times.  If the class has an event planned, dropping your child off in time is very helpful.  In addition, we appreciate your diligence in picking up before the center closes each day.  If you are running late, a phone call is greatly appreciated.    

26.  Read Handbook – refer to it to help clarify specific details or when a problem arises.

27.  Set your child up for success by ensuring they are getting adequate sleep, a variety of foods, and exercise.

28.  Familiarize yourself with the class schedule.

29.  When the teacher requests a meeting or asks for your help where your child is concerned, your cooperation is both expected and appreciated.  Challenges are resolved quicker when everyone works together.   

**If a child is so disruptive that the environment is deemed unsafe for the child and/or the other children or the teacher is not able to effectively teach the class, the parents/guardians will be called and asked to pick up their child.

We thank you and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your child's life.

I have read the Children's Nature Academy Expectations and agree to do what is requested of me as a parent of the UWEC Children's Center.

                                            Parent/Guardian Signature

This page must be signed, detached and handed in to the office.  It will be kept on file.   

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