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Fall Seminar Schedule - 2013

Fridays from 12:00p–12:50p in Phillips 413
Student lunch with the speaker starts at 11:30a

September 20: Dr. Alena Kubatova, University of North Dakota

“Fate of Organic Atmospheric Particles – How Can We Learn More?”

September 27: Dr. Larry Masterson, Hamline College, Minnesota

“Defining the Molecular Details of Abnormal Heart Function”

October 4: Dr. Christopher Macosko , University of Minnesota-Minneapolis

“Graphene Polymer Nanocomposites”

October 11: Dr. Kristen Murphy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“What’s in A Test Score? Making Measurements for Classroom and Programmatic Assessment”

October 18: Dr. Natalia Tretyakova, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis

“Structural Modifications of DNA: Chemical Adventures of Deoxyribonucleic Acids”

October 25: Dr. Samuel Butcher , University of Wisconsin-Madison

“The Remarkable Biochemistry of the Spliceosome, the World's Largest and Most Dynamic Enzyme”

November 1: Mr. Mike McAnally, Northwestern University

“Beyond SERS: Probing Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit”

November 8: Dr. Louis Messerle, University of Iowa

“Early Transition Metal Half-Sandwiches and Meatballs: Relevance to Small Molecule Activation and Biomedical Imaging”

November 15: Dr. Chris Douglas, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis

“Transition Metal Catalysis with Sigma Bonds Adjacent to Carbonyls”

November 22: Dr. Warren Gallagher, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

From Marvin to Zotero, Let’s Talk about Life, and the Tools That Can Simplify It

December 6: Dr. Ben Duckworth, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis

“Using Chemical Biology to Combat Tuberculosis”

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