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Alumni News 

Alumni: Please let us know what you are up to and how you are doing. Send a letter or an e-mail (pictures are great!) to one of your old professors, your advisor, your research mentor, or even the Chair ( We really enjoy hearing from you! Please stay in touch.

Drew Adamczak (2011) is a Sales Trainee for Stepan Company in Northfield, Illinois.

Tim Andrews (2010) is in the Medicinal Chemistry program at the University of Minnesota.

Laura Balow (2006) is a quality control chemist in the QC laboratory at Nestle in Eau Claire.

Dan Bates (2007) is a graduate student at Colorado State University.

Lindsey Baumgartner (2011) has started her first year in the Pharmacy Doctorate program at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.
Shilo Bender (2011) is pursuing a Master’s degree in Anthropology at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Lori Campbell (1980) stopped by the department this past year. Lori and her family are doing well.

Bach Cao (2011) returned to Vietnam and is applying to graduate schools this year.

Tony Carr (2010) is a sales representative for Chemstock in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Anna Dahl (2005) is recently married and works in the Quality Assurance group at Nestle in Eau Claire. Anna just returned from a year-long assignment at Nestle’s corporate headquarters in Switzerland.

Kara Denis (2009) works at Georgia Pacific in Neenah, WI.

Nick Deprez (2004) completed his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan (with Melanie Sanford) and is currently a post-doc with Erick Carreira at the ETH in Zurich.

Ben Devine (2010) stopped by the department to play Go with “you-know-who”. Ben reports that his first year in the Pharmacy program at UM-Duluth is going well.

Skye Doering (2009) is a first-year graduate student currently in rotations at the University of Minnesota, in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. Now in the Twin Cities, he’s a roommate with his former group-member, Kirsten, and her husband Adam in N.E. Minneapolis!

Kelsey Dunkle (2008) completed her M.S. at North Dakota State University in 2010 and currently works for Pace Analytical in Maplewood, MN.

Ken Dykema (1985) visited the department in August. Ken, Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M University, reports that he is doing well. He continues to do research in operator algebras.

Audrey Eigner (2006) just completed her PhD degree from Minnesota, and is now working at 3M.

Clint Fenner (2003) is teaching chemistry at Minnetonka (MN) HS (last we heard).

Derek and Theresa (Hopp) Fox (2003) are still hiding in Grand Rapids, MN. Derek teaches chemistry at Itasca Community College and Theresa is a hospital pharmacist.

Tim Gallert (2009) is in the Peace Corps in sub-Saharan Africa.

Deidra Gerlach (2007) is a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, working in the bioinorganic groups of Nicolai Lehnert and Dmitri Coucouvanis.

Leah Gross (2007) is in graduate school at the University of Minnesota.

Glen Gullickson (2004) completed his Master’s degree at the University of Minnesota with Wayne Noland. He and his wife now reside in the Seattle, WA area.

Matt Hammers (2011) is in the PhD program at the University of Oregon.

Matt Hennick (2005) Regional Quality Manager with Wisconsin Industrial Sand Co., Menomonie, WI.

Nik Hlavacek (2010) is in the PhD program at UC–Berkeley, and has just joined the research group of fellow UWEC Alumnus, Rich Saykally.

Matt Hooper (2007) is working at Nestle in Eau Claire while working toward completion of the online MBA program at UW-Eau Claire.

Thomas Jones (2010) is a Quality Control Technician with WRR Environmental Services in Eau Claire. He also works part-time in the Carney research lab, continuing the wonderful work he did as an undergraduate.

Matt Kale (2011) is in grad school at UC-Riverside in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Robin Knauf (2011) is in the PhD program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Justin Kumpfer (2006) continues work toward his Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve University and recently had two papers published (one in JACS and one in Nature!).

Irene Landrum (2011): Assistant Research Specialist at the Morgridge Institute for Research Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
“I will be maintaining stem cell cultures as well as doing research with the stem cells.”

Robyn Laskowski (2006) completed her M.S. degree at Iowa State University working with Malika Jeffries-El.
Eliodoro Rivas Martinez (1991) stopped by the department during the summer. He is the general manager, Instruquimica, S. A. de C. V. He is also an authorized distributor for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Eliodoro reports that he and his family are all doing very well.

Mike McAnally (2011) graduated but is sticking around for one year before he begins graduate work at Northwestern University. In the meantime, he is continuing research with Steve Drucker and Jim Boulter (in collaboration with Jim Phillips).

Kristi (McNitt) Gillette (2006) graduated with her M.S. degree from the University of Indiana and currently works for 3M in the Twin Cities after spending some time with Cortec. Kristi visited the department recently to give an industrial chemistry seminar.

Jet Meitzner (2010): 2nd yr. graduate student at University of Oregon. He has joined Dr. Geri Richmond's Lab. His research project focuses on “fabricating and characterizing heterojunction photovoltaic materials, looking for enhanced quantum efficiency by impact ionization”.

Michael A. North (2011) has joined the graduate program in the Department of Chemistry, Purdue University. He is working in Dr. Wilker's Bio-inorganic lab. 

Abby Paye (2010) is a Sales Representative for Stepan Company in Orange County, California. “I finally received my sales territory!  I just relocated to Orange County, California this month.  I am taking over for a man who is retiring after 28 years with Stepan Company.  Most of my accounts are personal care (ex. John Paul Mitchell, Bath&Body Works) and I have a few household and institutional accounts (ex. Method Products).  California is very different from the Midwest!  The people, weather, attitude...Everyday is getting better, slowly finding structure to my day.  I am enjoying meeting with my customers and learning about their business.”

Alyssa Pearson (2009) is in the Ph.D. program in Chemistry at the University of Wyoming

Theresa (Sobaski) Reineke (1995) recently moved to the University of Minnesota to take a position as a professor of chemistry.  Her research spans materials science, polymer chemistry, and chemical biology.

Beth Raupach (2009) is in the Ph.D. program in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at University of Pittsburgh.

Theran Riedel (2007) and his research group at the University of Washington had a paper published in Nature, (March 11 edition #464). A summary on the University of Washington entitled "The Smell of Salt Air, a Mile High and 900 Miles Inland".  In addition there was an article with picture in Chemical & Engineering News

Nick Robertson (2004) received his Ph.D. from Cornell University and joined the environmental chemistry department at Northland College (Ashland, WI) in 2009. He’s had his first two papers accepted for publication (from his work at Northland), one in J. Chem. Ed. and the other in Macromolecular Rapid Communications. Nick and his wife Megan are expecting their first child in early 2012.

Don Rogness (2005) completed his Ph.D. with Richard Larock at Iowa State, and is now a Post-Doc at the University of Illinois.

Phil Schieffer (2011) is in Pharmacy School at Drake University.

Ben Schmiege (2004) successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis (UC-Irvine) and currently works for Applied Materials, Inc. He and his wife Kasey reside in beautiful northern California.

Brianne Leigh Shane (2008) is a graduate student at The Ohio State University. 

Ellie Smith (2007) is in the PhD program at UC-Berkeley, working for Carolyn Bertozzi: University of California, Berkeley

Grant Sormunen (2005) is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan and is interested in obtaining a position in the chemical industry.

Kirsten (Strobush) Weeks (2008) is working at EcoLabs in the Laundry R&D division in Eagan, MN. She was recently promoted to chemist in the surfactant group.  She was married this past summer to Adam Weeks, a former UWEC student in the 3-2 Engineering Physics program, and he’s completing his degree at the University of Minnesota in May.

Dan Stupca (2010) recently called to let us know he’s doing well. He works for Medtronic in the Cities. He says Medtronic will probably have some openings for entry level chemists over the next few years.

John Tritsch (2009) is pursuing his doctoral degree in Materials Science at UT-Austin with Xiaoyang Zhu. His research is on (the nearly impossible project) two-photon photoemission that combines femtosecond lasers with ultrahigh vacuum chambers and photoelectron spectroscopy.

Anna Volkert (2008) visited with her Ph.D. advisor (Dr. Amanda Haes, from the University Iowa) for a seminar this Fall. She's doing well, and she mentioned that Clint Cook (2008), who’s in the Chem-E program at Iowa, is also doing quite well. He’s still harvesting large animals on a regular basis (when they are in season).

Jessica Walters (2008) works as a quality chemist in Nestle’s quality control labs in Eau Claire. Jessica visited the department recently to give an industrial chemistry seminar.

Justin Wichman (2011) is a QC chemist at Ashley furniture in Arcadia, WI.

Kristina Weimer (2009) is a graduate student at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Illinois.

John Wrass (2010) is working as bench chemist for a veterinary pharmaceutical outfit in Eau Claire.

Yifei Xu (2011) completed his degree in Chemical Engineering at Nanjing University of Technology - the first student to complete the UWEC 1-2-1 program. He is currently working for U-Fuel in Beijing, China, where he is working to develop the growing system of general aviation airports and their fueling systems. He was back in the states recently to receive training and successfully complete his flight licensure.

Chee Yang (2010) has also joined the graduate program in the College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Michael Zenner (2011) is in the Ph.D. program at Iowa State University.

Kurt Zimmerman (2009) is a graduate student at University of Alabama, Birmingham.