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The University Planning Committee 

The University Planning Committee is appointed by the chancellor to oversee strategic planning at the university. The committee is charged with the responsibility for (1) analyzing the demographic, educational, societal and economic environment in which the University exists and operates, (2) reviewing both the mission and mission statements of the University, (3) monitoring those trends within higher education that are of concern to the University, (4) preparing an annual report that synthesizes relevant planning information for the Chancellor and the University Senate Executive Committee, and (5) providing recommendations jointly to the Chancellor and the University Senate Executive Committee for referral to appropriate staff and/or University Senate standing committee.

Members and their terms

Rosemary Battalio, Special Education (College of Education and Human Sciences)
Rhetta Standifer, Management and Marketing (College of Business)

Daniel Gharrity, Learning and Technology Services
Kimberly Wellnitz, Advising and New Student Initiatives

Andy Jepsen, University Recreation (Student Affairs)
Alan Rieck, Music and Theatre Arts (College of Arts and Sciences)

Debra Jansen, Associate Dean (College of Nursing and Health Sciences)
Audrey Fessler, Associate Professor (College of Arts and Sciences)
Ex Officio
Mitchell Freymiller, University Senate Chair
Andy Nelson, Institutional Research
Kristen Hendrickson, Budget Director
Jacob Wrasse, Student Body President

MJ Brukardt, Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Executive Director of Marketing and Planning
Corry Mahnke, Administrative Assistant

2016 August Meeting Minutes
2016 June Meeting Minutes
2016 May Meeting Minutes
2016 March Meeting Minutes
2016 February Meeting Minutes

2009 December Meeting Minutes
2009 November Meeting Minutes
2009 October Meeting Minutes