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Strategic Plan

Executive summary

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's activities and progress are guided by three goals, which were identified by the University Planning Committee in the initial 2001-2003 Strategic Plan. These three goals continue to guide the planning process through the 2003-2005 Strategic Plan to the 2005-2007 Strategic Plan, which outlines the actions by which the university will implement the goals. The first, and primary, goal focuses on students and the challenge of enhancing the quality of our teaching, learning and personal development. The second goal focuses on becoming more interactive with the region we serve. The third is an enabling goal. Goal 1 serves as the emphasis goal, Goal 2 the expanding goal, and Goal 3 the enabling goal. These three "E" goals lead to Excellence: Our measure, our motto, our goal.


STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.1: Recruit and retain excellent faculty and staff and further diversify these populations.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.2: Promote and support faculty and staff growth in teaching and learning excellence in undergraduate and graduate programs.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.3: Strengthen and foster excellence in faculty and staff research, scholarship, and creative activity.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.4: Recruit highly qualified students, further diversify the student body and increase retention and graduation rates.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.5: Engage students in experiential learning and enrichment activities.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.6: Optimize support services for student success.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.7: Support and enhance priority programs, develop and promote new academic program options and optimize curricular and program offerings consistent with University mission and goals.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.8: Implement assessment of student academic achievement as related to the goals of the baccalaureate degree.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.9: Evaluate departments, programs and units through the department/program/support service unit review process.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 1.10: Evaluate the master plan to guide campus facility improvements.


STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 2.1: Develop a stronger regional presence by expanding our reach, influence, collaborations and connections with agencies, organizations and city governments.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 2.2: Increase the role of UW-Eau Claire as a primary educational, research, development, continuing education and cultural center for the Chippewa Valley.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 2.3: Provide educational opportunities for non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students.


STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 3.1: Raise the profile and enhance the image of the university.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 3.2: Work with legislators, UW System, alumni, students, parents and community leaders to secure the best possible state budget and pay plan.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 3.3: Work with students to develop an understanding of the important role tuition resources, including differential tuition, play in the quality of their educational experience.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 3.4: Continue the comprehensive fund-raising campaign.

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE 3.5: Seek additional funding through extramural grant applications.

The strategic planning process at UW-Eau Claire, initiated during the 1999-2000 academic year, was designed to be both focused and strategically dynamic. Its dynamic nature includes review and revision every two years. It builds on accomplishments resulting from the implementation of previous plans and provides guidance and direction for a process that is ongoing and progress-oriented. The momentum gained from past successes coupled with a reorganized, more strategic manner of work will propel UW-Eau Claire toward remarkable achievement as an interactive, regional public university - one which is best organized to meet its students' needs while actively assisting with the development of its service region and state.

UW-Eau Claire is dedicated to increasing the interactivity of the university by creatively enhancing student experiences in and outside of the classroom. These enhancements are comprehensive and integrative in nature, encompassing objectives ranging from intellectual development to personal growth. The university also strives to be more interactive with the citizens, businesses and communities of the region it serves.

The five-year Strategic Plan updated for 2005-07 articulates UW-Eau Claire's commitment to being an interactive university, is proactive in its approach to elicit and engage departments and units, and is responsive in the sense that it builds on recommendations from the Planning Committee for improvements in the timing and process used in past plans. Specifically, those recommendations include:

  • Coordination with the biennial budget planning process.
  • Provision of more opportunities for departments and units to support strategic initiatives and become a part of the next plan.
  • Focused initiatives for departments, units and the university.
  • Provision that the planning process support funding for university priorities.

These recommendations were developed as a response to the three key goals that drive the Strategic Plan. These goals are:

  • To enhance the quality of our teaching, learning and personal development environment for our students.
  • To expand and enhance our regional services and impact.
  • To broaden and increase our resources.

These critical goals, the responses to recommendations of the Planning Committee, the commitment to enhancing the interactivity of the university as well as designing this plan to provide opportunities to heighten the level of engagement of faculty, staff and students will chart the course for UW-Eau Claire during this planning period and beyond.