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After Graduation


Graduate School

Many careers in psychology require advanced degrees. Your adviser or an instructor is the best place to start to talk about graduate schools related to psychology.

  • There are many specializations within psychology and a variety of programs at the master's and doctoral levels. For a list of recognized specialties, check out the APA website.
  • Some students pursue graduate training in fields that are very closely connected to psychology (e.g., social work, marriage and family counseling), and others pursue training in fields that are related, yet different (e.g., law, business administration, library science).
  • General information about graduate school can be found on the Career Services website

For information specific to psychology, check out:

Getting A Job

Once you are ready for the job search, check out the Career Services Job Search page at for tips on developing a resume and writing cover letters, as well as links to lots of job sites.

Feel free to go in person to Career Services, 230 Schofield Hall.

  • You can have your resume reviewed by a Career Associate.
  • You can do a practice interview with "Patty Practice."
  • You can meet with a career counselor if you need more help.

A few places to start a search for jobs in psychology: