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 Campus Opportunities - Liberal Studies

Student Organizations

Due to the broad nature of this program, the student organizations that would fit best with your program will depend on the themes that you develop. Work with your adviser in the liberal studies program to identify organizations that may be a good fit for you to gain experience.

There are many organizations to consider joining that can enhance your marketable skills (leadership, service organizations, etc.). Go to the Student Organizations webpage where you can search by type of activity.

Collaborative Research with Faculty

The Liberal Studies Department encourages its students to work with faculty members on research. Discuss this opportunity with your adviser or another liberal studies faculty member. Students may be able to earn credit for their research and many projects pay student stipends. Some students work with faculty outside of the Liberal Studies Department as well.

For more information on how the Liberal Studies Department can offer you research or field experience, visit their webpage.


Study Abroad

Studying abroad may be a desirable option for enhancing your skills and resume. Please visit the Center for International Education's (CIE) where you can search for programs especially good for liberal arts majors, along with other searchable criteria.

National Student Exchange (NSE)

NSE gives students the opportunity to spend a semester or academic year at a host institution for the same cost as UW-Eau Claire tuition. Visit the NSE's web site for more information on locations throughout the United States, Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Canada.


UW-Eau Claire's Service Learning requirement can allow you to craft a service experience that will help you explore your interests related to liberal studies. Visit the Service-Learning webpage for more information on planning your project.