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Exploring Liberal Studies 

The liberal studies degree is designed to help students develop the breadth of knowledge and skills that represent the core of liberal education, including knowledge of human cultures and the natural world; communication, critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills; and teamwork and collaborative abilities. This major is ideal for students with multiple academic interests, transfer students and nontraditional students. It provides an alternative to traditional majors by allowing students to design an interdisciplinary major around a theme of their choosing in consultation with their adviser. The liberal studies major provides students with an opportunity for study in greater breadth than is possible when majoring in a specific disciplinary area.

Studying Liberal Studies at UW-Eau Claire opens the door to a wide variety of career opportunities. Whether you plan on continuing your education or seeking employment directly after graduation, the liberal studies major prepares you for rewarding future employment.

Click on any section below to begin learning more about liberal studies and what you can do with a major in liberal studies. You can also visit the Liberal Studies Department to learn more about the major at UW-Eau Claire.

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