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Investigate Careers - History 

Typical interests and values of history majors

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Research and analyze information
  • Attention to Detail
  • Curiosity about other cultures, lifestyles, and time periods
  • Ability to see patterns in seemingly unrelated events

Knowledge gained from studying history

History majors gain knowledge of ancient, medieval, and modern time periods. They also study the history of particular regions, civilizations, and people. History students become familiar with methods of historical research that relate to different historical traditions and develop and present an in-depth research project.

Skills gained from a history major


  • Critical reading
  • Ability to write/present information persuasively
  • Ability to research and analyze information
  • Proficiency in bibliographic and statistical skills
  • Ability to make keen observations, solve problems, and make appropriate decisions
  • Ability to investigate and record findings
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Identify and manage ethical issues
  • Ability to see obstacles as a challenge rather than a setback
  • Appropriately identify and classify information
  • Assess and evaluate your own work as well as the work of others


What are history graduates doing?

A student who has majored in history will be prepared for multiple jobs in both the public and private sector. History majors are effective writers and critical thinkers. These skills will prove beneficial in a variety of fields. Career possibilities include teaching at the college level or in secondary education; working as museum professionals, interpreters, and cultural resource managers with agencies like the National Park Service; and careers in law, archives, urban planning, advertising, foreign and civil service, and management in the corporate world. A degree in history is also excellent preparation for graduate school or a professional degree.

Read about the career paths of some UW- Eau Claire History graduates in Blugold Success Stories.

Entry-level positions reported by recent graduates:

  • Midwest Regional Sales Manager-Chippewa Valley Foods, Inc.
  • Account Manager-Login Inc, Minneapolis, MN
  • Archives Assistant-University of WI-Stout
  • Customer Contact Representative-Donna Law Firm
  • English Teacher-ELS Language Services
  • Mortgage Loan Consultant-Marine Credit Union
The History Department has additional information about career options.

Research job titles and descriptions on credible websites



Visit Career Services

  • Schedule an appointment to discuss career options in biology with a career advisor by calling 715-836-5358.

Conduct Informational Interviews

After researching some of these jobs students can begin informational interviewing. The Blugold Success Stories site is a great way to find contacts with whom you can conduct informational interviews.