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Graduate School - History

Many careers in history require advanced degrees. Your adviser or an instructor is the best place to start to talk about graduate schools related to history.

There are many specializations within history and a variety of programs at the master's and doctoral levels. Talk with your adviser and other history faculty about which specialty is best suited to your interests.

Some students pursue graduate training in fields that are very closely connected to history (e.g., law or library science), and others pursue training in fields that are related, yet different (e.g., lobbyist and Legislative Aide).

Recent history graduates report where they are continuing their education

  • University of Miami, FL-English Lit PhD
  • Concordia University
  • University of Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark
  • UW-Milwaukee-Master's in Library Science
  • UW-Madison-Classics, PHD track
  • San Jose University-Master of Library and Information Science

For graduate school information specific to history, check out:

General information about graduate school can be found on the Career Services website.