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Business Casual - WOMEN

Business Casual
Karen Dominguez, Marshfield Clinic AmeriCorps member, Blugold Beginnings

  • A button-up collared dress shirt or blouse are the most                                                                                                                              professional options for business casual. 
  • Avoid revealing and plunging necklines, but it is not necessary to fasten the very top button of your blouse.  
  • Neutral colors are recommended for dress shirt and blouses.
  • Avoid bright colors and distracting patterns for all articles of clothing and accessories.
  • If you wear your hair down make sure it out of your face. Use neutral color clips or bobby pins to pull it back.



Business Casual
Dani Olson, Education major

Accessories- WOMEN


  • Make sure your dress shirt and pants are clean and wrinkle-free. 
  • A hairstyle that is well combed and pulled back looks professional.
  • Dress pants or skirts should be black, grey, brown or navy blue.
  • A dress skirt should sit right at or below the knee.
Business Casual
Crystal Vang, Elementary Program Coordinator, Blugold Beginnings
  •  Avoid wearing bangle bracelets, hanging earrings, or statement necklaces.
  • Consider wearing a string of pearls or a fine chain in silver or gold.
  • Only wear one or two rings with a simple bracelet or nice watch
  • Complement your natural features by using neutral lip stick colors and eye shadows.
  • Avoid Heavy eye liner and mascara.
  • Also avoid using glitter, neon or metallic eye shadows.
  • Do not use heavy perfumes as they may cause allergies.