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Financial Aid and Housing

Financial Aid

Students in full-time internships are entitled to a loan deferment. However, students must be enrolled at least halftime (6 credits or more) to qualify for most types of financial aid, although undergraduate students who have a very high need may qualify for a small PELL grant at less than halftime status. Check with the Office of Financial Aid, 715-836-3373.

Release from Housing Contract

You must submit a written request for release from your contract if you feel you qualify under the following criteria. Submit your written request to the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life. The telephone number for the Housing and Residence Life Office is 715-836-3674.

Please note that even if students are released from their housing contract, they do not receive a refund of their $75 housing deposit. The Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin System has established the following reasons for allowing students to be released from their contract:

  1. Student is quitting school, graduating, involved in a university-sponsored educational experience here or overseas, or is transferring to another university

  2. Student has a serious medical problem that cannot be accommodated in the residence halls as noted by a family physician or by University Health Services Center

  3. Student gets married and will be living with spouse