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Where are you working and what do you do there?

I work for Deloitte in London in the US Corporate Tax Department. I work on US Funds, mostly Private Equity, Real Estate and Hedge Fund. I will help with in bound reporting compliance and advisory tax services.

What is your typical work day like?

Daily I work with staff on projects communicating with managers, administrators, clients and staff. I will review the work of staff to be able to complete US Partnership returns (Form 1065), among many other tasks. Currently, I am helping grow our Hedge Fund practice and I spend time gaining technical expertise in this area.

What path did you take to your current career, were there other jobs along the way?

I had my internship with Deloitte London in the summer of 2008, I was able to return as a permanent employee in September 2009. I have been with Deloitte now for almost 3 years. I am now an Assistant Manager and hope to make Manager by September 2013. I didn’t have any other jobs in accounting until my current position with Deloitte.

How did your liberal arts education at UW-Eau Claire help prepare you for your career?

I was ready to work abroad. Having studied abroad for my French degree I had a strong desire to work internationally. Also, I had a great accounting program that helped a lot with basic accounting principles I need for my career. Tax is unique though, I didn’t have a lot of tax courses but I was prepared to problem solve and learn on the job.

Is there something more you wish you would have done in college to prepare for your career?

More tax courses, possibly a Masters of Taxation.

What advice do you have for UW-Eau Claire students to become successful in their own careers?

Have a good attitude, work hard and always try to learn more.  I am constantly challenged in my job but it is my drive that helps me accomplish my day to day work.


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