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Success Stories


What is your typical work day like?

Accountable for the sales of all consumer goods marketed by Hormel Foods Corporation, i.e SPAM, CHILI, COMPLEATS, NATURAL CHOICE lunch meat, HORMEL pepperoni, HERDEZ, CHI-CHI's and Don Miguel, among others, sold for consumption at home by the consumer.  The channels of purchase include all conventional retailers west of the Mississippi, Kroger Grocery Company nationally, US Government, Dollar, Drug, Club and new emerging channels, i.e.

What path did you take to your current career, were there other jobs along the way?

Graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a comprehensive major in marketing.  Have held numerous account sales positions, brand management, sales management, logistics, director and Vice President of Fresh Meat Marketing prior to my current position

How did your liberal arts education at UW-Eau Claire help prepare you for your career?

At UW- Eau Claire I was able to expand my educational base with a solid liberal arts base.  I found especially helpful the additional classes I chose to take in the area of communications, i.e. speech and advertising. This background have proved to be very valuable in helping me build my career.

Is there something more you wish you would have done in college to prepare for your career?

I wish I would of taken an internship and would strongly suggest under graduates get as many "legitimate" internships as they can, especially during the summer of their sophomore and junior year and during the school year.  By "legitimate" I mean internships where you get "hands on experience" in your field of interest.  Internships will help you better understand the career path you have chosen which will help erase any doubt you may have in your initial career selection. An  Internship is an important component of selling your qualifications over other candidates applying for the same job

What advice do you have for UW-Eau Claire students to become successful in their own careers?

Be patient!  Most graduates from UW - Eau Claire will have a career expanding over 40 years!  Understand your strengths and weaknesses, seek and grasp constructive feedback on areas you need to improve in.  Finally set realistic goals and communicate they to your supervisor to make sure they are achievable.  Monitor your success against those goals and make sure your success is known when they are achieved!


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