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Success Stories



What are some of your day-to-day job duties?

Product Management- PowerBar, Jenny Craig, Gerber
Project Management with Nestle Nutrition Contract Manufacturers
Maintaining high quality products

What advice do you have for UW-Eau Claire students about the job search?

Don’t be afraid to try something outside your box; be open to many different opportunities

Did you have an internship experiences in college and did they help prepare you?

Yes, I went to the Internship Mania as a requirement for class. I didn’t expect to find employers looking for someone with a Chem/Bus background. I ended up talking to three different employers who were originally looking for strictly business (management, accounting, finance, etc) majors, but after speaking with them, I gave them my resume and received three calls. I ended up selecting the internship with Nestle Nutrition and have been with the company ever since! My internship undeniably prepared me for the corporate world. It taught me more than I ever expected specifically around international business, leadership, and professionalism

How did Career Services help you prepare for your first job?

Career Services was a huge help with editing my resume. They also have great networking tools!

Any other advice you would offer UW-Eau Claire students about entering a professional career?

Maybe something around taking every opportunity to interview that one can. Even if the job is not as appealing to you, take the opportunity to gain experience through interviewing. This will expose one to many different interviewing tactics and will help you prepare for the job you want!