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Success Stories


Where are you working and what do you do there?

North Star Resource Group-  I am a Financial Advisor and Disability Insurance specialist

What is your typical work day like?

I work with our firm’s advisors and clients to develop a quality income protection plan by analyzing the current income and benefits of the client to determine if a gap income would occur due to an untimely injury or illness.  If a gap exists then we look for efficient ways to keep the income in the household.  I mostly work with higher net-worth individuals including Physicians and Dentists, Attorneys, Engineers, Executives and Business Owners.  I also evaluate the risk of a disability to the owners of a business and protect the business assets as well as any partners.

What path did you take to your current career, were there other jobs along the way?

I started as a financial advisor right out of college through North Star’s advisor training program.  Over the course of 4 years I developed a skill and liking to disability insurance and it eventually led to my current role.

How did your liberal arts education at UW-Eau Claire help prepare you for your career?

It helped me be able to interact with a diverse group of people.  My clients range from medical professionals to business owners to technical engineers and being able to communicate effectively is vital.

Is there something more you wish you would have done in college to prepare for your career?

Speaking is important in any career but more importantly in the advising career.  I wish I would’ve taken more communications and sales classes.

What advice do you have for UW-Eau Claire students to become successful in their own careers?

Hard work and passion go a long way and will help you get noticed.  An education doesn’t earn you the right to a paycheck, you have to use your education and work hard to move up.  I once was told to be passionate in everything I do “even if I’m just doing the laundry” because passion will carry over into every aspect of your life.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to do the right thing.  There will come a time when either your co-worker or even your boss will bend the rules or go against their better judgment.  Maintain your integrity, even if you are asked to do otherwise.  It is more important to live in a culture of good honest people than tip-toe around in a culture of poor-performance and poor ethics because if and when your next career opportunity knocks, you don’t want the bad habits to carry over where they will be noticed.


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