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Success Stories


Where are you working and what do you do there?
I’m a Ph.D. student at Baylor College of Medicine. I will be obtaining my Ph.D. In Biomedical Sciences in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. I study progesterone action on normal mammary gland development.

What is your typical work day like?
My day is mainly spent designing experiments and doing experiments, analyzing data and writing. Depending on the day there are seminars, journal clubs or lab meetings to attend.

What path did you take to your current career, were there other jobs along the way?
I went straight into the Ph.D. program out of undergrad; however, I did do research in a lab at UWEC during the year and two summer internships with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.

How did your liberal arts education at UW-Eau Claire help prepare you for your career?
The classes at UWEC were thought provoking as well as intensive, preparing me for my first year of classes in graduate school. I was also trained well from classes with labs and also by my mentor where I learned lab techniques and experiments that I still use today. The professors taught me to think outside the box, which is the best training a scientist could have when it comes to thinking about real biological problems.

Is there something more you wish you would have done in college to prepare for your career?
I would have liked to go abroad to see how science and research is taught in other countries.

What advice do you have for UW-Eau Claire students to become successful in their own careers?

I think the best advice I can give is that you have to work hard and be proactive about your obtaining your goals. If you don’t promote yourself, no one else will. This means getting your foot in the door whenever you can and making connections all over the country and world to help you achieve your goals. Asking my advisor/professors questions and making myself known were the the best actions I could have taken to get into a well known graduate school.