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Information for Students

Some advice as you plan to attend the UW-Eau Claire Nursing and Health Care Professional Career Fair:

Bring several copies of your resume to give to health care facilities that interest you. Visit or schedule an appointment with Career Services or a professor if you have questions with how to put a resume together.

  1. Bring a list of questions to ask employers. Some questions may include what the health care facility offers for training programs for new graduates and what benefits the health care facility offers (tuition reimbursement, on-site childcare, retirement, insurance, and salary range).
  2. Plan ahead if you want to attend the conference by speaking with your professor if you plan on missing a class.
  3. Bring your other friends who are in the health career field.

Benefits for students who attend the Nursing and Health Care Professionals Career Fair:

  • Students are given the opportunity to discuss career plans, exchange resumes, and make preliminary contacts with health care facilities of interest
  • These contacts may be followed up with formal interviews at a later date- perfect for seniors who are preparing to graduate and for students who are considering internships
  • Offers students to become involved in leadership and followership roles
  • Allows students to make preliminary contacts, build networks, and discuss career plans
  • Assists students in clarifying career goals
  • Helps students who are seeking internships, summer jobs, and other opportunities
  • Provides graduating seniors with contacts that may generate job offers
  • Develops and enhances a professional attitutde and business etiquette among students
  • Gives students the opportunity to begin the psychological transition from student to professional