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Students encouraged to attend Explore Your Possibilities

Employers, alumni, faculty, staff and students will come together for three day workshop series, Explore Your Possibilities (EYP), designed to help students explore majors and careers.

“It [EYP] was based on what’s been popular in the past and what students seem to be asking for and inquiring about…what we have found would be useful for students’ needs,” said Caroline Wee, Associate Student Service Coordinator at Career Services. The variety of workshops take place Oct. 21-23 and range from helping students select a major, careers in different fields, resume writing, finding an internship, to studying abroad, grad school preparation and finding a career after college.

“EYP is for all students at any stage in their college career and I wish more students would take advantage of it,” said Kim Wellnitz, Academic Advisor at UWEC. Wellnitz leads a presentation each year at Explore Your Possibilities, centered on helping undecided or questioning students select a major. Her workshops are one of the most popular at EYP, reinforcing that many students are unsure what they want to do with their college degree. Wellnitz said one third of incoming freshman are undeclared, while 60 percent of incoming freshman with a major will change their major at least once.

Kelsey Weigel, a UWEC student, said she went to Explore Your Possibilities last year for information regarding the interview process from an employer panel and advice on accepting internship offers. “From the employer panel I received various opinions regarding offer acceptance. It was nice to hear first-hand what the employers think about various issues during the interview process; in my case, time frames for accepting offers," said Weigel.

A new concept introduced to this year’s EYP, is Experience U.

“Experience U is a collaboration between the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Alumni Association, and Career Services. The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for UW-Eau Claire Alumni to give back to the university by sharing their time, skills, and expertise while providing meaningful information for students,” said Tori Follett, Director of Annual Giving at the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.

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Secret workplace protocols exposed at Alumni of Color Panel

Many Americans are not aware there are “secret” protocols in effect at the workplace. UWEC Alumni of Color, UWEC Career Services, Office of Multicultural Affairs and BAIRD are sponsoring “Sharing Secrets: Unwritten Rules of the American Workplace,” Oct. 3 12-1:30 pm in room 1804 of Centennial Hall. The panel is led by distinguished alumni who will discuss what they have discovered on their career journeys.

The idea of the discussion is to help those understand how privilege plays a role in career opportunities and how bringing awareness to these “secret” protocols can help others have a successful career.  

“I think it is vital to do what we can to position all young people for success in their chosen fields. One of the worst feelings in the workplace is to break a rule you didn’t even know existed. If nobody tells you what you've done, you might even have continued to transgress along the way inadvertently hindering your own success,” said Angela Pittman Taylor, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at Baird, also a 2000 UWEC graduate.

Pittman Taylor will be a panelist in Friday’s discussion and said it will cover practices for protocols of how one gets hired that are not widely documented, forming mentoring relationships to help network, what influences manager/supervisor evaluations of candidate suitability and employee performance, as well as what is assumed to be workplace common sense and how diverse candidates are held to a different standard.

“There are too many people in general wondering why they’re not succeeding when they think they’re doing everything right, with no one to tell them the truth. Especially in the Midwest, where we’re known for being really nice, we find it difficult to be honest enough to really help each other grow, develop and succeed,” she added.

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UW-Eau Claire to host $tart $mart workshops to combat wagegap

UW-Eau Claire will host $tart $mart workshops on campus to help prevent the inequity of men's andwomen's wages. $tart $mart's goal is to prepare college women to enter the job market with confidence and knowledge to negotiate salaries and benefits, while earning what they deserve upon graduation.

According to the American Association of University Women's 2013 research report, in just one year out of college, women working full time earn just 82 percent of what their male counterparts earn and the gender gap widens over the next 10 years. Women college graduates were also shown to earn $1.2 million less than a man with thesame degree over a lifetime.

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Workshop Series give students advantage for CareerConference

Career Conference can be nerve-racking time for studentsseeking internship or job opportunities. Career Services is hosting a lineup of workshops to help students prepare for the annual event to their best advantage and help replace those nerves with confidence.

The Workshop Series include two Career Fair Prep and Resume Writing workshops, along with one Interviewing Skills workshop, and a Pre-Conference Reception the night before the event on Sept. 24. The reception requires registration by Sept. 18.

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Fall Career Conference scheduled for September 25


UW-Eau Claire's upcoming annual Fall Career Conference, being held on Thursday, Sept.25 2014, will have over 130 organizations in attendance, a record number, bringing a significant increase in the number of job and internship opportunities for UW-Eau Claire students and recent alumni. Leading up to the event, Career Services will be hosting several workshops and events to help students prepare, such as resume workshops and mock interviews.

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UW Campuses host first virtual graduate school fair

The University of Wisconsin System is coming together to host their first Virtual Graduate School Fair on Sept. 30 2014, operated entirely online. Graduate schools from all over the country are participating in the event by setting up their own schedule for a chat session.

“Instead of having their own table in the Ojibwe ballroom, they’re going to have a chatroom online,” said Robin Johengen, Career Development Coordinator at UW-Eau Claire Career Services.

Johengen said students will go to the central website on the day of the event to enter the fair. Students can also go online ahead of time to register and check out the schools beforehand. They can set up a profile, upload a resume, list of references and express interest ahead of time to schools or programs. Each school participating has one page on the website to describe their program and a time slot when their chat rooms with representatives of the program will be open the day of the fair.

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