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Spring 2015 Workshops Series from Career Services

Each semester Career Services hosts a variety of 45 minute workshops related to career and major exploration, internships, and the job search. These workshops are put on by Career Services staff and are a chance for you to learn more about a topic and get your questions answered. No matter where you are in the process, you can benefit from these workshops. Add them to your calendar today!

Spring Career Conference 2015

On February 18 Career Services hosts the Spring Career Conference.  With over 110 employers expected to attend, it is the premier internship and job search event of the Spring.  You can view a list of currently registered employers. Find out what they are recruiting for and plan your day accordingly.

Students are building their future by joining the Corps

More students are breaking away from the traditional route of attending graduate school or finding an entry level job upon graduation and looking to other options, such as Peace Corps or its partner, AmeriCorps. That is what Rebekah Morrison, UW-Eau Claire graduate, is doing. “I think for most graduates, it can be difficult trying to plan what after college will be like. I just rolled with the punches, made sure to use my resources, and know what I was going to do right after graduation wasn't going to make up my entire future but would surely help shape it.  And it definitely has already,” she said.

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