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Career Planning Timetable

Career planning starts in a students' freshman year and continues throughout college. The Career Planning Timetable is a checklist of activities students should be participating in throughout each year of their college career.

Refer back to this timetable every semester to see how your student is doing in his/her career development.

Encourage your student to visit the Career Discovery Center, or schedule an appointment with a career counselor by calling 715-836-5358.

Freshman Year - Assessment

As a new Freshman, your son/daughter will probably be more concerned with adjusting to the university than about his/her career development. Many students begin questioning their major and/or career plans during their second semester. This is a good time to encourage them to come up to take advantage of the career assessment activities and career exploration resources available in Career Services. He/she can talk to any of our Career Associates (trained student paraprofessionals), read about careers in the Career Discovery Center, or make an appointment with one of our Career Counselors. Having an idea of what one's interests, values, skills, and personality characteristics is a good first step in making appropriate major and career decisions.

Sophomore Year - Exploration

Many students will choose a major during their Sophomore year. Through meetings with advisers, faculty and career professionals, your son/daughter can obtain information that can help them narrow options and make this decision. He/she can also explore different majors and a wide variety of careers in our Career Discovery Center.

Junior Year - Focus

During the Junior year your son/daughter will begin to more seriously consider life after college. He/she may plan to continue his/her education, take time off to travel, or jump right into the world of work. Talking to alumni in different career fields, planning a career-related internship or summer work experience, and preparing a first resume and portfolio are good preparation activities. Obtaining an Internship is a must. Encourage them to visit our Internship Center and attend Internship Mania.

Senior Year - Implementation

Senior year at last! That means making final decisions abut graduate programs or career options and looking for full-time work. Finalizing resumes and portfolios, practicing interviewing skills, and researching companies are the final touches of career preparation. Your son/daughter will also want to meet potential employers either through company representatives who interview on campus or who represent their companies at our annual Career Conference.