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Career Services

Help your New Grad find a Job

As parents of graduates facing a tough job market, what can you do to assist your son or daughter in transitioning from the secure world of classes and residence halls to the unknown reality of what lies ahead? Here are some suggestions:

Suggest a visit to Career Services
Career Services provides a wealth of job-search resources—job postings, career fairs, career-related workshops, resume assistance, interviewing tips, and individual career advising meetings. UW-Eau Claire Career Services office is located in Schofield 230.

Offer networking contacts

Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job. Suggest contacts. Encourage your son or daughter to create a LinkedIn profile to network with professionals and research job opportunities.

Give an early graduation present with the job search in mind

Do not wait until May to say congratulations. Now is a great time to give a graduation present that will be used during the job search and first year on the job. Looking for ideas? Professional clothes, an interview suit, padfolio, and a subscription to Blugold CareerLink, UW-Eau Claire’s internship and job search database, are great gifts for the new grad.

Ask how you can help

Your son or daughter may have specific ideas about ways you can assist. Think about how your role as something other than mom or dad could be helpful; provide support, but do not be pushy. Listen to new ideas with an open mind, making positive suggestions when appropriate. Ask open-ended questions to show your son or daughter that you are interested—and the answers will help your new grad think through career goals.

Remind your new grad that you are proud of his or her accomplishments

Be sure your son or daughter knows that you are proud of this achievement. Send a card or make a phone call to specifically convey this message.

Adapted from Help Your New Grad Find a Job by Kelli Robinson, National Association of Colleges and Employers.