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Relating a Major to Careers

Below are questions to ask yourself about how your major relates to careers. By thinking about these questions ahead of time you should be well prepared for most career related questions your advisees will ask.

  • If an employer asked you how your discipline prepared a student for future employment, how would you respond? That is, what unique skills/abilities do students gain by majoring in your discipline that could be translated to the workforce?

  • What occupations have students in your discipline gone into? Do you have specific examples you can share with students? Does your department survey alumni?

  • What opportunities do students in your discipline have for experiential learning (i.e. research, internships, volunteering, etc)? Does your department have an internship coordinator?

  • What on-campus student organizations are related to your discipline?

  • What state/national professional organizations are related to your discipline? Do they have student memberships?

  • Do you know any community resource people in your field that might be available for informational interviewing? Is graduate study required? What specializations are there at the graduate level?