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Benefits of recruiting UW-Eau Claire students

A UW-Eau Claire student offers employers a host of relevant skills when they enter the job market, developed while obtaining a liberal arts education.

Practical Experience. Most students at UW-Eau Claire have participated in a practical experience such as an internship, study abroad experience, living learning community, domestic intercultural experience, and bring that real world experience into the workplace.

Research Experience. UW-Eau Claire is the UW System Center of Excellence for Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Collaboration.

International/Multicultural Immersion. At UW-Eau Claire it's a priority to provide our students with meaningful, boundary-crossing multicultural immersion experiences.

Civic Responsibility UW-Eau Claire students have a strong sense of civic responsibility, fostered in part, by each students completing service learning in the community. Last year, UW-Eau Claire students volunteered a total of 30,000 hours.

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