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Instructional Internships Information 

In general, an instructional intern in CSD is designed to foster a 1:1 working relationship between a faculty mentor who wishes to have assistance in relationship to a particular course and a student who wishes to expand knowledge, skills, and competencies in the discipline of Communication Sciences & Disorders.

In order for a student to apply for an instructional internship they must meet the following prerequisites: admission into the CSD comprehensive major and an earned 3.0 or better in all CSD coursework prior to the internship experience. There is an application process that needs to be completed and decisions regarding instructional internship appointments will be made by the CSD faculty by the 3rd Friday in March for the fall semester and the 3rd Friday in October for the spring semester. Once the instructional internship has been awarded, the faculty member and the student will develop specific responsibilities for the course they have been assigned.

Instructional Internship Application Form (Spring 2014) (online eForm)
               Deadline for Fall II Applications--3rd Friday in March
               Deadline for Spring II Applications--3rd Friday in October

Instructional Internship Contract (online eForm)

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