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 Working with Teachers 

Parents play a vital role in their child's education. They are equal partners in the team that educates their child. In the course of their child's education, parents will interact with many teachers and staff. Working effectively with teachers, exchanging ideas regularly, and communicating openly about what's working and what's not, are all important.

Communicating "Across the Desk"

Be proactive and make the time to communicate with your child's teacher on a regular basis (at least once a week). This could be a quick pop in to the classroom in the morning or after school, a short email, or a note from home. Keep these tips in mind when making time to communicate with teachers...

  • Be positive
  • Ask questions
  • Use reflective listening
  • Stay on topic
  • Work towards solutions
  • Offer your assistance
  • Offer positive feedback and praise

Be Proactive

Teachers greatly appreciate positive steps parents can take to contribute to a child's education. Consider these ideas and implementing them on a regular basis to show partnership with teachers and to show your own child how much you value their education...

  • Make regular, positive connections with the teacher (email, note from home)
  • Check your child's homework nightly
  • Read with and to your child
  • Visit the classroom (volunteer on a regular basis, as possible)
  • Have high expectations without high pressure for your child
  • Know the classroom expectations and mention them often to your child

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