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 Adult Support Services 

"Everything You Wanted to Know About Being An Adult" handbook
Brought to you by Western-Wisconsin Center for Independent Living.

Managing Your Medications
How to be independent with and take control of your prescription medications.

Nutrition Resources
Eating right is a challenge for everyone these days. Check out this link for nutritional guidelines and tips to stay healthy and fit!

Exercise Guidelines and Resources
Being healthy and living long start with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Check out the President's Challenge website for helpful guidelines and interactive tools to keep track of your physical activity and to give you new ideas for staying fit!

Family Planning Information
Find out who to contact in your specific part of Wisconsin to request changes to laws or proposals for new legislation.

Transitions Support Group
For young adults with Aspeger's syndrome and related conditions in west-central Wisconsin.

Contact Julie Miller (Project Co-Director; for more information.