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General Clinic Information 

The Center for Communication Disorders offers excellent opportunities for students to work on-campus with clients and their families. With many observable treatment areas, students have the opportunity to grow in their clinical skills, while supervisors and family members can observe unobtrusively. The Center was designed expressly to give students maximum clinical learning opportunities with modern, well-lit, flexible treatment areas. Treatment and diagnostic activities are well supported by an extensive resource area containing treatment materials and programs and a large collection of current, diagnostic instruments. Clinical activities are supported by two microcomputer laboratories available to CDIS students in the Human Sciences & Services Building. The center also houses three specialized diagnostic areas: the Voice Diagnostic Lab; the Augmentative and Alternative Communication Lab (AAC); and the Audiology Lab. Each lab has much of the latest instrumentation available to students for hands-on learning opportunities. As the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is a fully certified program, all clinical activities in the Center are supervised by certified and licensed speech-language pathologists or audiologists. In addition, the UW-Eau Claire program is affiliated with numerous clinical sites where students gain experience in various work settings during clinical practicum enrollments.

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