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Nursing Programs FAQ

To top 1. What is the traditional undergraduate Nursing program?

The traditional undergraduate Nursing program is a 6-semester program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Most students begin the traditional BSN program as sophomores. A competitive secondary application process is required for admission into the traditional BSN program.

To top 2. Will my credits transfer?

Go to the transfer information system at to find this information

To top 3. How many students are admitted to the traditional undergraduate Nursing program?

40 students are admitted each semester to the Eau Claire site and 16 students are admitted each semester to the Marshfield site.

To top 4. What are the admission requirements and what does the first year coursework look like?


To top 5. Is Nursing Assistant Certification required for admission into Nursing?

Certification as a Nursing Assistant is not required for admission, but beginning Spring 2010 CNA certification will be required prior to starting the clinical courses. To assist you, we've compiled some resources for nurse aide certification in Eau Claire, Marshfield, and throughout Wisconsin.

To top 6. How competitive is it to get admitted to the Nursing program?

The BSN program is competitive and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences may find it necessary to deny admission to a qualified applicant because of enrollment limits in the professional program. Depending on the number of qualified applicants, meeting minimum criteria for admission, including grade point averages, may not be sufficient to be accepted into the nursing major. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences does not keep a rolling waiting list from semester to semester. A new application is required for each application deadline date.

We receive approximately 80-110 applications per semester. The GPA for admission has ranged from 3.35 to 3.7 over the last several admission cycles.

To top 7. How long is your waiting list?  Do you keep a waiting list?

We do not keep a waiting list. Students who are not admitted to the Nursing program may reapply at the next admission cycle.

To top 8. What is the schedule for admissions into Nursing?

Applications to the BSN nursing program are due December 1 and May 1 for both the Eau Claire and Marshfield site programs. Students are encouraged to apply during the semester in which 30 credits will be completed.

To top 9. When do clinicals start?

Clinical courses begin in the 2nd semester of the professional nursing program, typically during the 2nd semester of the sophomore year.

To top 10. Where are the clinicals held?

The UW-Eau Claire Nursing program uses a wide variety of acute care and community-based clinical sites. The regional hospitals in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls and Marshfield are highly used for clinical. Smaller out-lying hospitals are also used, as well as public health departments, extended care facilities, residential facilities, schools, and numerous additional community agencies and organizations. Several diverse clinical opportunities are also available at various points in the curriculum. Faculty regularly take students to Rosebud, South Dakota, Alaska, and the El Paso, Texas area.

Clinical experiences begin in a spacious, well-equipped, and technologically advanced skills lab/ clinic/ and clinical simulation area. Students have many computer-assisted supports available to them through-out their curriculum and are encouraged to use the skills lab on an ongoing basis to continue developing the technical skills for practice.

To top 11. Can I study abroad as a part of the Nursing program?

Study abroad opportunities are available to Nursing students through summer and winterim programs to Costa Rica, Africa, and Nicaragua, as well as several other destinations. A senior semester is available in Harlaxton, England. In addition Nursing students may apply for any of the traditional study abroad programs, though this may extend the student’s program by an additional semester.

To top 12. Can I visit the Nursing program?

Scheduled “Nursing Spotlight” information sessions and tours are available on a regular basis.  Reservations are required. You may be able to coordinate your Nursing Spotlight tour with a general campus information session and tour.

If you have any questions about Nursing Spotlights or building tours, please contact Melissa Gullickson at (715) 836-5000 or by email at