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Nursing Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities are available to students admitted to and currently enrolled in the nursing program from private sources and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation.

Nurses For Wisconsin Funding Opportunities

This UW System Incentive Grant project is a new funding opportunity available to predoctoral and postdoctoral students.

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation Scholarships

The process of awarding UW-Eau Claire Foundation scholarships takes place in the spring semester for the following academic year. An email will be sent in late February / early March to all admitted nursing majors indicating applications are being accepted by an online link and will include a deadline date for applications (approx. March 8). For scholarships that can be renewed, students must reapply.

Eligibility Criteria & Financial Need

The scholarship criteria is updated by the UWEC Foundation. Admitted UW-Eau Claire nursing students will be notified by an e-mail when the updates are completed and scholarship applications will be accepted. The application is an online form which is usually available around March 1 for scholarship funding for the next academic year.  Many of the scholarship have the criteria of financial need. To verify financial need we check with the Financial Aid office for your FAFSA number.

If you have financial need don’t forget to apply for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA form each year. Contact the Financial Aid office for the form at 715-836-3373 or check out their website.

Another useful site for how to fill out the FAFSA is Completing the FAFSA from CashCourse.


UW-Eau Claire Foundation Scholarships for Nursing Students

A number of scholarship opportunities and awards are available specifically for admitted students in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences program. The site also provides scholarship criteria which you should address in your essay. You must indicate on Part One of the application form which scholarships you are applying for. Please use the Scholarship Checklist to check off scholarships you qualify for so you have the information when you are filling out the scholarship application.

The site is being updated with the current amount of the scholarship available for the next school year. The amount/availability of the scholarship is subject to change.

Click here for more information on applying for College of Nursing and Health Sciences scholarships.

The Application for UW-Eau Claire Foundation Scholarships

The scholarship application is a two-part process. The first part is the applicant’s data and scholarships you are applying for and is submitted via the internet. The second part is the activities, honors & awards, work experience, and the essay form. The essay should indicate how you meet the eligibility criteria. Some scholarships may require letters or recommendation or specific essays. The printed forms (Part Two and recommendations, etc) must be submitted by the deadline to:

UW-Eau Claire
Attn: Cathy Wilson
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Nursing 103
105 Garfield Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Application Form: Part One - Admitted nursing students will receive an email link to PART ONE of the application form when the application form is ready. PreNursing students cannot apply.  Contact Cathy Wilson in the Dean’s Office if you have any questions.

Application Form: Part Two Only one essay form needs to be completed, regardless of the number of scholarships you are applying for. Please do not submit more than one essay.This link is the form for all UW-EC Foundation nursing scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee will review the applications in March and students will be notified in April.

Scholarship recipients and donors are invited to attend the Awards Banquet on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. This is a great opportunity for recipients to personally thank the scholarship donor(s). Recipients are expected to attend the banquet. Parents and friends may also attend.

The deadline for Foundation Scholarships will be sometime in early in March. Please see the listing of Private Scholarship sources for their scholarship deadlines.

Private Scholarships

Please check the sponsor's website for the most up-to-date information. Additional scholarship information is available in a binder in the LRC. If you have questions, please contact Cathy Wilson in the Dean's Office (Nursing 103).