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BSN Completion Program
(Collaborative Nursing Program / BSN @ Home)

What is the BSN Completion Program?

The BSN completion program is for practicing nurses with an associate degree or diploma in nursing who want to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, but have limited access to a campus offering that degree. The program provides flexibility so that students may pursue their education and continue their employment without having to relocate or travel great distances.

The video below features a clip of Ms. Lorraine Smith, the Student Services Coordinator for the BSN Completion Program at UW-Eau Claire, in an interview with You will find the full interview at

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Where do you take your classes?

General education classes may be taken at any college or university that offers courses that transfer to UW-Eau Claire. Nursing courses are taught over the internet, but are only available to students registered at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at UW-Eau Claire or UW campuses in Madison, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, or Green Bay. Courses are taught on campus (Eau Claire and Marshfield) through the use of distance technology. Internet nursing courses use nursing programs at all five participating universities.

How does that work?

Students select UW-Eau Claire (or one of the other four universities) to be designated as their "home" institution. That institution then provides all student-related services (e.g., advising, financial aid, registration) and the unique practicum and capstone course that gives students an integrative educational experience.

Who teaches the classes?

Nursing courses in the shared curriculum are offered by all five institutions. Core nursing courses are offered each semester to ensure that students have multiple options for course and program completion. Selected core and elective nursing courses are also offered during the summer session.

What school grants your degree?

You will receive your baccalaureate degree in nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, if you select UW-Eau Claire as your home institution. If you choose one of the other four schools, that institution will award your degree. Regardless of your home institution, the degree is fully accredited and approved by the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

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