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Costa Rica

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The Costa Rica Program from a Student's Perspective

-Written by Lauren Oas

The Costa Rica Study Abroad Summer Nursing Program is an exciting adventure offered by the University. This program offers so much more than just a trip to a beautiful country. As a nurse, your patients will be diverse, including different religions, cultures, and personalities.

The Costa Rica Program allows you to explore the health care system in Costa Rica while also learning more about the Latino patient and how you can best facilitate their care. You spend eight weeks learning so many things that benefit you in your nursing career.

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. Even if you are not a Spanish minor, the experience of living with a host family and communicating in class and when traveling will improve your Spanish; the experience of speaking the language in everyday life is an immersion experience that you can not get in the classroom.

 The Costa Rica Summer Program has allowed its students to be more culturally diverse, and to appreciate what other cultures have to offer to the health care system. Whether touring a hospital or following around an ATAP on house visits, you will gain insight into another culture and health care system that will expand your knowledge as a student nurse but also your knowledge of life.

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If the lush rain forest, magnificent waterfalls, or erupting volcanoes are not enough to stick with you in your life time, the people you meet and the knowledge you gain from living in another country like Costa Rica will definitely change your life.