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December 2003

December 12, 2003 - Representatives from Sacred Heart Hospital provided students with a break during final exams and a little holiday spirit, including food and presents.

 Nursing students taking a break during final exams to give gifts to each other  Nursing administrators
Nursing students taking a break during final exams with a little holiday spirit, including food and presents (T-Shirts) donated by Sacred Heart Hospital. Nursing administrators (left to right): Mike McClure, Unit Director, 5th Floor; Elaine Wendt, Associate Dean, School of Nursing; Amy Dwyer, Clinical Director of Nursing and Joe Nezworski, Nursing Systems Coordinator.

December 10, 2003 - End of Semester gift boxes and pizza for Nursing Students. The gift boxes are stuffed full of items that will help students make it through finals including popcorn, stress reduction toys such as kazoos and yoyos and practical items such as pens and bandages. Thank You Luther Hospital!

 Kayla Sabelko Luther Gifts 

Associate Dean, Elaine Wendt (left) is shown with Colleen Costa and Cindy Knospe of Luther Hospital, who co-hosted the annual Luther "Semester Exam Holiday Gift Box Give Away and Pizza Party" for nursing students.

Above: Junior, Kayla Sabelko of Durand is shown displaying one of these boxes.

December 1, 2003 - Cynthia Halfen, guest speaker in FMHN 260 on November 24th, 2003 and alumna of the UW-Eau Claire School of Nursing, donated the following book to the LRC: "Telecommunications for Nursing, 2nd Edition: Providing Successful Distance Education and Myrna L. Armstrong and Shari Freuh". Cynthia was a contributor to Chapter 11, "Operational Issues: Practical Considerations for a Successful Program." Please contact the LRC if you would like to use the book. Cynthia (right) is shown presenting the book to School of Nursing Distance Learning coordinator, Marcia Bollinger. Thank You Cindy!

Cindy Helfen Book Marcia Fall2