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April 2004

Susan and Samantha at research day   Doctor Werner
Susan Moch and undergraduate student, Samantha Gueldenzoph proudly stand before their display. Doctor Joanie Werner is discussing her research with an attendee of the Nursing Research Day.

April 22, 2004 - First Annual Nursing Honors Luncheon. Guest Speaker was recently graduated student, Melyssa Heintz.

 Melyssa presenting  Melyssa and Elaine with Chancellor
Guest Speaker was recent graduate Melyssa Heintz
Melyssa Heintz, Elaine Wendt and Chancellor Marsh
April 20, 2004 - More Nursing events....

 African Round Table presentors  Jinan University (China) administrators looking at Sim man
The "African Round Table" provided presentations and discussion on health care in Africa by our three African nursing students, (L-R) Richard Mokua (Kenya), Lydia Chowa (Swaziland) and Komba Omaru (Sierra Leone). Administrators from Jinan University in China getting a tour of the Skill's Lab, and getting a chance to check out the SimMan.

Chinese and UWEC administrators in a group photo
Administrators from Jinan University in China with our faculty (Susan Moch, Sue Peck & Rose Jadack), Mark Clark, Dean of College of Professional Studies and Karl Markgraf, head of the UWEC Center for International Relations.

April 7, 2004 - Nursing instructor Sue Bonnis taught Bedbath technique in our Skills Lab. To spice up the instruction she chose a "Beach Bedbath" environment with students wearing swimsuits and also included various beach items in the scene. All students are at the Sophomore level. The class is FMHN235.

 Ben checking on Lindsay  Amy checking out MaryAnn
Ben Jeffry & Lindsay Majorowicz. Amy Nelson and MaryAnn Krueger.