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College receives grant to increase the number of primary care nurse practitioners in region


Debra JansenDr. Debra Jansen received a grant award through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship program. This award will provide financial support for the costs of full-time tuition and fees, books, and reasonable living expenses (2014-2016) for full-time post-baccalaureate DNP students with an NP role preparation at UW-Eau Claire. The objectives of this project are to increase the number of primary care NPs in the northern, north central, and western regions of Wisconsin; to increase the number of primary care NPs serving in medically underserved communities (MUCs) and rural areas; to increase the diversity and geographic distribution of the primary care NPs throughout Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, with an emphasis on NPs of diverse racial and ethnic, educationally disadvantaged, and rural or underserved area backgrounds, and veterans; and to increase the number of primary care NP students with clinical experiences in MUCs and in rural areas.

Primary care NP students enrolled full-time in the post-Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice (BSN to DNP) programs at UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing and Health Sciences are the projected recipients of the traineeships. The primary care NP students are prepared to be adult-gerontology nurse practitioners (A-GNPs) or family nurse practitioners (FNPs). A total of $699,953.00 will be awarded to qualified students over the next two years.

Current and prospective full-time BSN-to-DNP NP students at UWEC are encouraged to contact Dr. Debra Jansen for more information (; 715-836-5183).

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Receives HRSA Grant Award (link to Wisconsin Action Coalition news announcement).