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The faculty and staff who make up the College of Nursing and Health Services reside in two locations: The Nursing building at UW-Eau Claire and the Marshfield site. Visit the pages in the sidebar to the left for photos and contact information.

Name Title Phone (715) 836- Email
Adams, Jan Learning Resource Coordinator 2034 adamsjl
Airth-Kindree, Norah Assistant Professor, Student Success Center Faculty Liason 2269 airthknm
Alasagheirin, Mohammad Assistant Professor 5375 alasagmh
Ankeny,Tiffany Pre-Nursing Advisor, Clinical Instructor 3288 ristautm
Arriola, Jodi Assistant Professor 5013 arrioljm
Beeman, Robin Assistant Dean-Marshfield Site, Professor (MF) 30-7701 / 387-7274 beemanrs
Benson, Eric University Services Associate - Post Licensure Programs, BSN Completion, Evaluation and Assessment Support 6012 bensonew
Berry, Cathy Clinical Assistant Professor 4991 berrycm
Boberg, Ann Clinical Instructor 3725 bobergam
Boellaard, Melissa Clinical Agency Coordinator - Pre-Licensure Programs 4900 provosmr
Brandt, Cheryl Professor 4024 brandtcl
Buckley, Theresa Clinical Instructor 5402 bucklets
Canales, Mary Professor 5737 canalemk
Chapek, Cynthia Clinical Instructor 3951 chapekca
Elder, Tara Clinical Instructor (MF) 31-2417 / 389-9797 eldertl
Engel, Jessica Clinical Instructor 5837 engel
Feeney-Schroeder, Linda Clinical Agency Coordinator - Post-Licensure Programs 5001 feeneylr
Gullickson, Melissa University Services Associate - Pre-Licensure Programs 5000 gullicml
Hanson Brenner, Gail Clinical Assistant Professor 5006 brennegm
Hauger, Jane Clinical Instructor 5008 haugerjm
Haupt-Harrington, Rachael Assistant Professor (MF) 31-7425 / 387-7270 haupthrl
Hecker Fernandes, Jill Clinical Assistant Professor 3501 fernanjh
Hofmann, Debra Assistant Professor (MF) 31-2418 / 387-9555 hofmandk
Iverson, Heather Clinical Instructor 5568 danzinhm
Jadack, Rose Nursing Department Chair, Professor 5004 jadackra
Jansen, Debra Associate Dean, Professor 5183 jansenda
Johnson, Nita Skills Lab Coordinator, Clinical Instructor 5712 johnsnit
Johnson, Pamela Clinical Instructor 3400
Kromrie, Catherine Clinical Assistant Professor & Graduate Programs Admissions Coordinator 3638 kromricc
Lapp, Cheryl Ann Professor 5629 lappca
Larson, Gunnar Skills Lab Clinical Instructor, Transfer Advisor 3166 larsongw
Lieske, Victoria Clinical Instructor, Pre-Nursing Advisor 5002 lieskeva
Lu, Der-Fa Associate Professor 2444 lud
Marcyjanik, Diane Clinical Assistant Professor 4012 marcyjdl
Mather, Shelley University Services Program Associate, Department Chair Support, Nursing Department 5837 howdersm
Merkel, Rachel Assistant Professor (MF) 30-7424 / 387-7364 merkelrm
Moch, Susan Diemert Professor 5799 smoch
Mork, Maxine Budget Manager 5799 morkma
Mueller, Barbara Clinical Instructor (MF) 31-2414 / 387-9859 muelleba
Pack, Angela Clinical Instructor (MF) 31-2416 / 715-389-4182 packab
Pehler, Shelley-Rae Director of Evaluation, Associate Professor 5014 pehlers
Pritchard, Rorey Assistant Professor 4839 pritchar
Recine, Ann Clinical Instructor 4984 recineac
Rice, Katie Academic Department Associate - Marshfield Site (MF) 30-7735 / 387-7272 ricek
Rozar, Donna Clinical Instructor (MF) 31-2415 / 389-4185 rozardk
Sargent, Linda Clinical Instructor 4456 sargenll
Schiller, Lisa Assistant Professor 4911 schilllf
Schubkegel, Jeannette Clinical Instructor 4984 schubkjs
Sell, Katherine Clinical Assistant Professor 5967 sellka
Shellenberger, Donna Clinical Instructor 3960 shelledf
Sisco, Emily Clinical Instructor NA NA
Slattery, Lois Distance Education Coordinator, Nursing Building Coordinator 4060 slattela
Smith, Lorraine Student Services Coordinator - BSN Completion Program 5722 smithlm
Solem, Bonnie Clinical Instructor 4870 solembj
Sortedahl, Charlotte Assistant Professor 3477 sortedck
Sperstad, Rita EDI Coordinator, Assistant Professor 5502 sperstra
St. Germaine, Marcia Student Services Coordinator - Pre Licensure Program 5515 stgermml
Stafne, Stacey Clinical Instructor 2195 stafnesl
Stombaugh, Angie Associate Professor, CETL Director 4500 (at CETL) stombaam
Taft, Lois Professor Emerita taftlb
Thul, Genevieve Assistant Professor 4990 thulgm
VanWormer, Arin Assistant Professor 3588 vanworag
Voros, Suzanne Clinical Instructor (MF) 31-2413 / 387-9554 vorossm
Wendorf, Deb Clinical Instructor (MF) 387-7347 wendordm
Wendt, L. Elaine Nurses for Wisconsin Project Coordinator 5005 wendtle
Wilson, Cathy Dean's Assistant 5287 wilsoncm
Winter, David Academic Department Associate, Faculty Support, Nursing Department 4834 winterdl
Wirth, James Clinical Instructor 3400 wirthjl
Young, Linda Dean, Professor 4904 / 559-5928 younglk
Zietlow, Vickkie Clinical Instructor for Aspirus 387-7370 zietlovr
Zwygart-Stauffacher, Mary Professor, Graduate Programs Director & BSN Completion Program Coordinator 4977 zwygarmc