Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program is home to nearly 1500 students and 21 full-time faculty. The program's mission is to prepare exemplary collaborative leaders who know how to construct mutually beneficial and worthwhile relationships with multiple constituent groups to reach diverse learners and actively reflect on their professional growth and development. All Undergraduate and most graduate programs that lead to certification are housed in the Education Studies, Special Education, Communication & Science Disorders, and School Psychology Departments. The Department of Education Studies prepares undergraduate and graduate students for elementary, middle level, and high school classrooms as well as school-based and community-based public libraries. The Special Education Department prepares graduate and undergraduate students to design and deliver individualized instruction, assess learning and manage the full spectrum of special education services including IEP implementation and management, inclusive practices and pupil advocacy. Both Departments emphasize collaborative leadership practices essential to serving diverse learners in an increasingly complex society. For more information about our conceptual framework please click here.


Field Experience, Licensing and Certification Office

For information on the office that arranges field experiences and applications for teacher licensing, contact the Field Experience, Certification and Licensing Office


If you are graduating in the Fall of 2013 or later, you will be required to take and pass the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test in addition to other required examinations.  For more information about the test, please see the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading National Evaluation Series website at