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Early Childhood Literacy Intervention Program, Services and Evaluation


Martin Luther King Day of Service - Monday, January 19, 2015
Dr. Seuss's Birthday Party - Saturday, February 28, 2015
Global Youth Service Day - Saturday, April 18, 2015


Ameri Corps LogoECLIPSE is an AmeriCorps program that focus' on early childhood literacy in Eau Claire and Altoona. Educational focus areas include language, emergent reading & writing, socialization and interaction. ECLIPSE differentiates from other literacy programs because we work from a one-on-one model tailored to individual needs in preparing each child for lifelong learning. This program identifies and embraces the different paces at which children learn to foster continual growth in education.

At the present time, ECLIPSE has five sites in and around Eau Claire that are served by the program.



IMG_8380-1ECLIPSE works as tribes (teams) of students from UW – Eau Claire who are AmeriCorps members. Members serve (or work), in preschool classrooms at partner sites for 10 – 11 hours per week. Members pair with preschool children in the classroom who need additional support or help in the areas of language, literacy, social, and or numeracy skills. Participation in regular classroom activities, with support from corps members will increase opportunities for preschool children to be supported in their growth and development by caring adults. This model will be used at four of our partner sites this year which will increase the number of children we will be able to serve one on one.

One partner site will hold sessions twice a week, for approximately two hours each time. In these sessions, members focus on building language and literacy skills as well as working on social and interaction skills with other children or adults. These same corps members also serve in the centers classrooms between four and six hours per week, helping the classroom teachers in different ways, possibly reading books or assisting with an activity or a project. This improves the teacher to child ratio in the classrooms so children can have the opportunity for more individualized attention.


LearningECLIPSE members are AmeriCorps members who serve for the academic school year according to the UW- Eau Claire calendar. Members are all levels of students from first year to graduate students, with most being first through third year students, in many different majors.This is excellent experience for anyone who plans to work with or interact with children in their future.

There is a 300 hour commitment requirement. This is broken down into approximately 12 hours per week. The beginning of the year is much less, with starting at approximately 5 – 6 hours per week in training, then building to 12 hours per week when service starts in the classroom in mid-October.

The hours are broken down as follows:

Classroom Service=10 - 11 hours – according to schedule

1- 2 hour a week tribe meetings= 1-2 hours – time set by team – may change at semester


Service (20-30 hours) gathered throughout the year and three required events, Dr. Seuss' Birthday Party, Global Youth Service Day,Literacy Festival.

There are four Saturdays during the year that are required (2 training, 2 service).

Members work on teams of approximately 10 students, at one of five sites in the Eau Claire area.

There is a one credit class each semester, the fall is training at the beginning and one or two other meetings, the spring semester is a regular weekly class.



volunteersThis is a federal work-study job. You need about $2,000 for the year.

People can also volunteer for the experience if you choose. It is great experience!

Upon successful completion of the program and at least 300 hours, there is an Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $1,174 that can be used for education.


Contact Donna Lehmkuhl at,CEN 3202



Link to application: Available on website, or fill out application here.