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Why did you decide to come to UW-Eau Claire for college?

After I received my associate degree in liberal arts and sciences from UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, I applied to and was accepted at UW-Eau Claire, UW-Madison and UW-Oshkosh. I chose Eau Claire for several reasons. Both the UW-Eau Claire College of Business and the journalism program had excellent reputations. (I transferred here originally intending to major in journalism and minor in business management.) I preferred UW-Eau Claire’s more personal, hands-on approach to learning. Finally, I was impressed with the wide variety of on-campus programs, clubs, and other activities available to students.

Why did you pick the major you selected?

Although I liked my journalism classes and was doing well in them, I realized I wanted something more. Simply getting a degree and getting out wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to try something new and challenging. I decided to major in management because I wanted to manage a business someday.  

What does success mean to you? How has UW-Eau Claire College of Business prepared you for success?

To truly be successful requires the tenacity to take on challenges and the endurance to master them. It requires awareness of natural strengths and talents, and the ability to apply them in any situation. Through perseverance and commitment, unlimited opportunities await.  

The College of Business helped reshape my concept of what it means to be successful, and it has provided me with the necessary resources I need to realize my goal.

In your opinion, what role did/does CADE play in helping you achieve personal, academic and/or career success?

CADE has had a tremendous impact on me.  

When I switched my major to business management, I took courses in areas that were totally new to me. In my first accounting class I thought I was staring at hieroglyphics. I started to lose focus and my academic performance began to deteriorate. In addition, factors outside of school nearly had me down for the count and I considered dropping out of college.

When the semester came to a close, I had to answer to Dr. Jack Hoggatt, the College of Business’ assistant dean for student affairs. I thought I’d never see the light of day on campus again, but Dr. Hoggatt gave me another chance. He made me sign up for one of the CADE academic focus groups.

When I began going to the CADE focus group, I felt I was being disciplined for my grades. However, the experience helped me rethink my learning strategies and study habits.  The student mentors were always available to help me study for exams and work through homework problems. They didn’t provide the answers, but they showed me how to arrive at them. As a result, my grades went back up—way up from the previous semester. I even qualified to become a student mentor the following semester.  

My experience with CADE was a blessing in disguise and a momentous life lesson.  It helped me realize that failure is only a temporary setback. With the will to do better and the proper support system, anyone can be successful.

What tips and/or words of advice do you have for high school students coming to Eau Claire? 

Be bold, try new experiences.  

Get involved! Build a network of contacts who are as eager as you to have the best college experience possible. You will find kindred spirits by getting involved in campus activities—sports, clubs, student organizations—and by not solely hitting Water Street (no pun intended).

Don’t hesitate to talk to your professors. They are incredibly helpful and always look forward to talking to students during office hours.

Jacob Kampen
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