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Student Profile

Why did you decide to come to UW-Eau Claire for college?

UW-Eau Claire first came onto my radar for potential colleges because I was recruited by the football team. Once I got on campus I was really excited about the coaching staff here and wanted to play for them. However, the thing that really pushed me over the edge for my decision was the quality of education I could get here for the price of tuition. My other leading option was a private school that would have cost me a lot more money.   

Why did you pick the major you selected?

I initially came to UW-Eau Claire to study political science because my goal is to attend law school. However, after two classes I quickly realized that political science wasn’t for me. At that point, I reevaluated my options and thought of which major could still be valuable to a potential law student. I decided on business administration because I would like to someday open my own law firm and the business background would be very beneficial to that goal. I chose history as my minor simply because I have always loved history and really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about it during my time here.

Have you completed an internship or completed a service-learning experience?

I am currently working in downtown Eau Claire for Michael Rajek, Attorney-At-Law. Since the beginning of my employment there I have learned a great deal about what it will be like to someday be a lawyer. I have sat at the defense table for two jury trials, done research on many cases, and interacted with the clients regularly. I truly believe that this experience will prove to be invaluable as I go forward with my goal of becoming a lawyer. I no longer wonder what really goes into being a lawyer because I have seen and been a part of it.

Have you held a leadership position in a student organization while you have been at UW-Eau Claire?

I have held several leadership positions during my time here at UW-Eau Claire: I spent two years as the captain of the football team; I am currently the vice-president of the Mortar Board, the secretary of the Student Athlete Administrative Committee, and a Campus Ambassador. The experiences I have gained from these positions are extremely valuable because it has put a lot of responsibility and a little pressure on my shoulders from time to time. Each position requires different things from me. They have helped me develop problem solving skills and learn how to manage time well enough to be able to cover all my responsibilities. These skills will help me for the rest of my life and throughout my career.

What does success mean to you? How has UW-Eau Claire College of Business prepared you for success?

Success to me means doing something that you are so passionate about that when you leave your house in the morning you are excited about the potential the day holds. When you reach that point the work week is no longer a grind, but rather an opportunity. The College of Business has prepared me for success by helping me sort out exactly what I want to do and helped me fine tune the skills I need to get there.

In your opinion, what role did/does CADE play in helping you achieve personal, academic and/or career success?

CADE helps me in achieving success because it provides an opportunity to speak with my adviser whenever I need her help. My College of Business advisers Terry Wells and Dr. Kristina Bourne have been instrumental to my success at UW-Eau Claire.

What tips and/or words of advice do you have for high school students coming to Eau Claire?

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to get involved with something you care about and try to gain a leadership position while you are here. There are so many great organizations on campus here that you can’t help but find one that is interesting to you. Once you have found it, go out and run with it because you never know what kinds of opportunities can open up as a result. 

Other thoughts?

College is what you choose to make of it. If you choose to get the most out of it that you possibly can It can be one of the best experiences of your life.

Jacob Kampen
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