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Why did you decide to come to UW-Eau Claire for college?  

I decided to come to UW-Eau Claire because it was the right fit for me in every way. It had the small class sizes, personable professors, and numerous opportunities to get involved and gain experience to build a competitive resume. I wanted to find a way to connect with technology and people and I was able to find that balance at Eau Claire through the information systems and computer science programs.  

Why did you pick the major you selected?

I have always had a strong passion for technology and how it has shaped the world, specifically its impact in how people conduct business compared to 10+ years ago. I began my college career as a computer science major, but soon decided I wanted to add another dimension to my education of communicating and implementing technological solutions in a business environment. My main influence for deciding on my major(s) was growing up in a generation that saw how technology has drastically changed how people connect. I wanted to be part of that change.

Have you completed an internship?

I have had the opportunity to do two summer internships in my college years. My first internship was with Liberty Mutual in Wausau where I got hands-on experience working with application testing and software maintenance alongside another summer intern. My second internship during the summer of 2009 was with Cargill, Inc. in Minneapolis. I worked on a globally-focused project alongside three interns and was able to apply my classroom education to real-world experience. Besides learning workplace teamwork through my summer internships, I had the opportunity to analyze, develop, and implement actual business applications and gain great experience.

Have you studied abroad?

I studied abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece in spring 2009. I chose the American College of Thessaloniki because I was able to take many of my course business courses that directly transferred back to UW-Eau Claire. While I was in Greece, I was able to do a lot of traveling in Eastern Europe and southern Africa as well as gain perspective on the American business model from the outside looking in. I knew some of the people on the program before I left. Overall, the experience was unforgettable and I was able to pay virtually the same amount (excluding the travel costs) as UW-Eau Claire tuition. My advice to students who are thinking about studying abroad is to take advantage of an unforgettable experience before you become too tied down with other things in life.

What does success mean to you? How has UW-Eau Claire College of Business prepared you for success?

Success is making the most of every opportunity put in front of you. It involves taking an active role in reaching for your goals and dreams. UW-Eau Claire College of Business has prepared me for success through the many experiences that have been given to me. I am very confident in entering my next step in life having a well-rounded background in all areas of business.   

What tips and/or words of advice do you have for high school students coming to Eau Claire?  

If you are interested in connecting people with technology, consider coming to Eau Claire because of the opportunities available to the students. You need to be able to take an active role in achieving your dreams and making the most of every college experience. Your college years can be some of the best years of your life, but unfortunately they can also be the fastest. Lastly, don’t be afraid to speak with professors because they can offer invaluable advice and will help you find what you’re looking for.

Jacob Kampen
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