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Jacob Kampen

Why did you decide to come to UW-Eau Claire for college?  

During my college search, I did extensive research on all of the UW schools with accredited Colleges of Business. I decided UW-Eau Claire had the best programs available for what I wanted to do. Additionally, I loved the campus when I toured it and also received a substantial scholarship through the UW-Eau Claire Foundation because I was a National Merit Scholar.

Why did you pick the major you selected?

I have been interested in business since the beginning of high school, especially after I started to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. I also enjoyed math and economics so I actually chose my Finance major before orientation. My interests have shifted somewhat in that I came to college planning to work in personal finance and I am now much more interested in corporate finance.

Have you completed an internship?

I will be starting my internship next month as a financial analyst at Ecolab in St. Paul, MN.

Have you studied abroad?

I considered studying abroad but decided it would conflict with my goals related to Student Senate and the other organizations I am involved with. Everyone I know who has studied abroad recommends it wholeheartedly, but I have been satisfied with the frequent travel I have been able to participate in with the College Republicans and other national political organizations.

What does success mean to you? How has UW-Eau Claire College of Business prepared you for success?

Success to me is meeting the goals I set for myself. My goals in college include graduating with a high GPA and a permanent job offer, making significant achievements in the organizations I lead, and contributing to the university through Student Senate. So far I have been able to stay on track to achieve each of these things.

The College of Business has two very important attributes that helped me to achieve my goals: amazing faculty/advisors and longstanding connections with employers in the area and the region. I do not believe I would be where I am today if I had chosen another UW school. My advisor, Tom Mihajlov, has been an ideal mentor and a great friend throughout my time at UW-Eau Claire. He has given me advice on my career, both related to my time at the university and for my when I graduate.  My professors in the College of Business have all been outstanding and I really enjoy talking and working with them. For my long-term career, it is clear to me that I have my internship not just because of my resume and accomplishments but because I chose UW-Eau Claire. Our College of Business has a far-reaching reputation for success and numerous employers have told me how much they prefer graduates from our school.

What tips and/or words of advice do you have for high school students coming to Eau Claire?

My most important advice is to get involved immediately. During the first week of school, go to the Blugold Organizations Bash and join 2-3 organizations that interest you. In my experience, friendships and connections made in organizations are the most valuable—you are working with other students who have the same interests you do. It really is the only truly voluntary aspect of your freshman year.  You do not really pick who you live near or who is in your classes, but you can choose who you spend your free time with. Also, most organization involvement makes for great career experience and is important for a resume.

Additionally, you should invest time into talking to your professors. Even if you don’t need help with a specific assignment, stop by their office at least once during the semester—you will most likely learn something above and beyond the class itself. UW-Eau Claire is unique in the volume of top-notch professors we have that are ALL teaching classes. Our emphasis on teaching is the ideal for undergraduate education.

Jacob Kampen
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