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Planning your BBA Degree

Planning Your BBA Degree

All College of Business Students, Including HCAD Students, Graduate from UW-Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

As of the 2010-11 university catalog, health care administration students will graduate with a BBA degree. (Prior to the 2010-11 catalog, HCAD students graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration.)

All College of Business students must complete a minimum of 120 credits to graduate from the university. Students must meet all general education requirements for the university and all specific requirements of both the College of Business and their major program. Students transferring to UW-Eau Claire from a UW College with an Associate Degree are considered to have fulfilled the general education requirement EXCEPT that the proficiencies for CJ 202, Math 246, Econ 103, Econ 104, and for one of the following courses must still be met:  AIS/Anth 161; Geog 111, 155; Pols 122, 265, 346; Psyc 100; Soc 101; Idis 201, 325. However, specific Associate Degree coursework may be considered to have satisfied these requirements.

» For more information about course requirements, see the Registrar's website for information from your catalog year

Credits to Graduate
(120 credits minimum)

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Non Business/Non Health Care Courses
(60 credits minimum)

Business/HCAD Courses
(60 credits minimum)



Additional credits as needed to reach 120 credits

*CJ 202 (if taken at UWEC), BSAD 300 and other non business and business courses may be used to satisfy cultural diversity and foreign language/foreign culture requirements.

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