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Laptop Requirement/Tech Resources

All students enrolling in select College of Business courses must have in-class access to a laptop computer with the minimum capabilities listed below. Students enrolled in all online College of Business courses must also have access to a computer (laptop or desktop) that meets the college’s minimum requirements.

» Courses that require a laptop
» View COB Laptop Requirement Flyer

Minimum COB Laptop Requirements

Processor: Core i5 2.5 Ghz
Operating System: Windows 7*
Software: Microsoft Office 2013, Up-to-date virus protection
Memory: 4 Gb RAM
Hard Drive: 160 GB
Multimedia Drive: CD/DVD Burner
Network Interface: 100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless Capability: 802.11 G or N compatible
Battery: Extended Life Battery**

*If you already have a computer with Windows 8, this will also meet the requirement.
**You should have two batteries, or one battery with at least 6 hours of capacity since not all classrooms have electrical plug-ins.

UW-Eau Claire Discount Packages


UW-Eau Claire has negotiated educational pricing on Dell computers for faculty/staff/student personal purchases. Our member ID is KS29215843.

» Click here for special pricing on Dell products

Apple offers standard academic discounts to UW-Eau Claire for faculty/staff/student personal purchases. A Macintosh that can run Windows will meet the college's minimum computing requirements.

» Click here for special pricing on Apple products

Already Own a PC?

Do you already own a laptop PC? Make sure it meets the College of Business’ minimum computing specifications.

Want to upgrade an already purchased PC? We suggest you first purchase additional RAM, then increase the size of the hard drive. These upgrade items will most affect enhanced performance.

What about a Mac?

For students within the College of Business who already own an Apple laptop but are required to have access to a laptop running Windows, there are a few options you can pursue to meet this requirement. Please note: It will be the student’s responsibility to have either of these options pre-installed before they begin their classes. The College of Business will not install Windows on Macs.

Option 1: Boot Camp
Boot Camp is an Apple application that allows users to run both Windows and Mac on the same piece of hardware.

Requirement: Intel Processor

» Learn more about Boot Camp

Option 2: VMware Fusion/Parallels
VMware Fusion and Parallels are two products that an Apple user can purchase to install on the Mac operating system. Both applications allow users to run Windows within an application through the Mac OS.

NOTE: When running the Windows OS through the Mac OS, this process is very hardware intensive and users may experience slow performance.

Requirements: Intel Processor, Minimum 2GB of RAM, and 400MB of Free Disk Space

» Learn more VMware Fusion
» Learn more about Parallels


While printers are available on campus, the College of Business recommends that you purchase a portable or desktop printer for added convenience.

Need Software?

The College of Business recommends you use Microsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 software. You can purchase this software and other popular software packages at substantial discounts throughout the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog. You can also register through the UWEC On The Hub Software Store to install Microsoft products on your personal computers for free (or at a low cost).

Tech Resources

UW-Eau Claire Learning and Technology Services (LTS)

Learning and Technology Services (LTS) strives to meet the computing, data and networking needs of the university. Through collaboration with many other groups on campus, LTS continues to develop innovative solutions to enhance information technology, learning, and teaching.

UW-Eau Claire LTS Help Desk

For more information or to request technology help, contact the LTS Help Desk: | 715.836.5711 | Old Library 1106

College of Business Instructional Technology Services

College of Business Instructional Technology Services (COBIT) provides support for College of Business computer hardware, software, and peripherals. | 715.836.3927 | Schneider Hall 300H

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